I am so Happy I'm a Nana

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by galaxy163, 8 March 2009 Social URL.

  1. galaxy163

    galaxy163 Full Member

    Hello everyone,

    I just want to tell everyone,

    I am first time nana on 7th March 2009

    at 07.58am weighing in at 7lbs 14.5 oz

    I am so thankfull to my daughter and her parnter for a lovely grandson

    My life as i no it will change for ever and i am so over the moon

    hope you all are doing well with your diets

    good luck
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  3. goolian

    goolian Fab & Fit For Florida

    oh congratulations maria, that is brilliant :)
  4. miss jelly tot

    miss jelly tot CWP Consultant

    Congratulations Nana maria. Hope they are both doing well:flowers:
  5. sonya

    sonya Full Member

    Oh that is fantastic news. You must be so proud. Keep us posted regarding names and any religious events.

    Take care.
  6. Angelmouse77

    Angelmouse77 Full Member

    Congratulations, hope they are both doing well.
  7. efk

    efk Full Member

    Congratulations to you and your family. That's brilliant news.
  8. XxXMandaXxX

    XxXMandaXxX Member

    Congratulations NANNA ,i so wanted to tell everyone but realised they all new so i rang chantelle cuz i knew she wouldnt know anything and guess wot she did lol she had seen my post to eddy on FB.
    Hope they are all doing well, cant wait to meet him.
    Congratulations and good luck with your new role
    Manda x
  9. Eclipse

    Eclipse Gold Member

    Congratulations, it really is great being a granny. I love it x x x
  10. Oinkstop

    Oinkstop Full Member

    Congratulations! I hope mama and baby continue to do well.
  11. Lazyhound

    Lazyhound Full Member

    Congratulations :D

    Best wishes to all

    Annie x
  12. loved-up

    loved-up Is determined and focused

    Oh wow congratulations:D

    The start of a whole new life for all of you:D

  13. eyeontheprize

    eyeontheprize can see the end in sight!

    congrats! That's fab
  14. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Congratulations Nana

    Irene xx
  15. YummyMummy04

    YummyMummy04 Silver Member

    Massive congratulations to you and your family XX
  16. charliegirl

    charliegirl Silver Member

    Congratulations chick....xx
  17. Chelsea Lou

    Chelsea Lou Gold Member

    Congratulations Maria on the safe arrival of your baby grandson xx. And wow, Eclipse, what a hot grandma you are!!! I have to grandchildren a girl of 9 and boy of 7 and twins due in June/July!!! Being a nan is fab.
  18. galaxy163

    galaxy163 Full Member

    Thank you all for all your best wishes,
    i still have not come off the clouds i am so happy,
    he is lovely, mum is doing great to little bit sore from stitches but is getting better by the day,
    thank you all for your kind wishes
    maria x x x
  19. missy3

    missy3 starving!

    congrats xx

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