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I am SO piggin' demoralised!

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I have been working really hard at dieting all week. I started last Sunday at 20 stone. I used to overeat and binge eat and eat nothing but junk, God knows how many thousands of calories per day - and I did no exercise whatsoever. :eek: This week I have rigidly counted every calorie I have eaten on an app on my phone. I have eaten around 800 calories most days, although ONE day it did creep up to 1300. I've cut out beer and wine and have only had a few G&Ts instead of the usual binge-drinking, I haven't had a crumb of chocolate or biscuits or cake and I've had 4 slices of bread all week. I've started eating a healthy breakfast and I eat fruit and veg instead of processed food. I have also walked 3 - 5 miles a day every day since Tuesday.

By Tuesday I was down to 19 stone 12lb and was really pleased - seeing results already. I just weighed myself again, almost a week into my diet and I am still 19 stone 12! WHY?!

I know you're not meant to rush it blah blah but I don't understand how you can cut out so much junk food and start exercising and lose nothing?!

My feet are absolutely bloomin' killing from blisters (and I'm wondering: for what?) and I'm so fed up and SO SO SO tempted to scoff chocolate!


Pud x
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Try not to get disheartened. Lot's of things other than fat can impact on weight. Try to avoid weighing more often than once a week. 2 lb is good on a clorie controlled diet so I think you should feel proud. We always want more, but losing anything is a cuase for celebration, Take care and don't give in!


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Maybe your body is going into starvation mode, with such a drastic change in your calorie intake.
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I would suggest that you are not eating enough. You shouldn't go under 1200/day and when you are larger you get a bigger allowance. Get yourself over to MFP or Livestrong and see what they suggest for a daily allowance.

I think you'll find its something in the region of 1500-1700 for the weight mentioned in your post.

You need to ease your body into this not shock it into oblivion lol
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I've had that happen in the past, on my weekly weigh in I've been the same weight as previous week, but if I didn't worry and stuck to it I often found on the next weekly weigh in I'd dropped 4-5lbs
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Personally I don't bother calorie counting. I just eat clean-I eat natural foods, cook from scratch. Its simpler. The only things I really "cheat" on occasionally are brown bread and fruit which isn't too bad really :)

I have 2 tbsp/30g oats (pinhead oats are the best but the others will do), 11tbsp/170ml skimmed milk (I do measure portions!), and 3 almonds. For lunch I will have a tuna salad-tuna with spinach, red onion, quarter of a pepper and tomato. I put my mains on a side plate but bear in mind I'm 5'2-you can well afford to stick your mains on a small dinner plate! Maybe the same thing for dinner or else chicken/fish with cooked veg-cabbage/some kind of green veg-or salad. I also drink 3 litres of water a day. The G&Ts are pretty calorie wise..vodka and diet coke is another good calorie option although I'd keep alcohol to a minimum/cut out altogether if I were you as it will just bloat your tummy!

As you are much taller than me and can afford to weigh more, you could have a banana/one piece of fruit with your breakfast. I would still stay away from the bread etc unless you do a lot of exercise.

Maybe post what you're eating on here so we can advice you more?

2lbs is a bit low for a first week but you will probably get a bigger weight loss next week, sometimes weight loss can be weird like that! Just persevere and you will get it off!
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Make sure you drink lots of water- at least 2l a day.


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Yorkshire I know how you feel. I'm at a similar weight to you, and despite swimming, jogging and hill walking this week, and keeping to a sensible calorie level (1200 - 1400 net), I've lost one measly pound. It happens.

Staying the same often seems to happen at the beginning of weight loss, judging by what I read on here. I like to think of it as the body stopping and going, "Whaaat?"

As disappointing as it is, keep going. Next week it'll probably all change.

If I had one comment, it would be that I think 800-odd cals a day is probably going to be very difficult to maintain for any great length of time. If you want to eat very low calorie you might be better off trying a very low calorie diet (VLCD) system and speak to your doctor, to make sure your health is monitored. Otherwise you will probably feel better eating a little more, and it won't affect your weight loss. Best of luck!
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was just wondering how you're doing?! :)
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Hey there Yorkshire, :D
I felt the same my first week at WW. I only lost two pounds but the second week I lost 4lbs. I am steadily locing weight at the moment on 41 points a day - which i think is about 2000 calories. Plus I have 49 points to use during the week on top of that - but i rarely use these anyway.
Would love to see how you are doing?
Emms x

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