I am so upset and disgusted with myself.

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by slimmerwithin, 21 June 2008 Social URL.

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    I have been posting how I have made all these lovely meals for my guests over the past 9 days and I have been so good. Last night I had some bbq a bit of chicken and some steak with salad, no bad effects in fact another 1 lb off this morning. Was doing so well, decided to do a totally CD day today and did so well. Served all 4 courses to my guests and one of them didnt finish their apple crumble with toffee sauce. Guess what - I bloody ate it, it was about 5 mouthfulls and I dont know why I did it. I actually ate somebody's left overs. How gross is that!!! There must be something chemically wrong with me in my brain that has to sabotage everything. I am so angry and upset and disgusted with myself.
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    Awwww Dont Worry Hunni Tommorrow Is Another Day Xxx
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    Don't be upset / angry. Its a minor blip put a line under it and don't allow it to ruin the rest of your week. I had a complete melt down on Friday...! I had been heroic for 2 weeks and nothing had passed my lips that shouldn't have done... then in a day (not moment) of madness i went on a complete sugar binge, had a pint of diet coke, a refresher bar, 2 lollipops and 8 boiled sweets!!!! oops... so dont let it get you down just get back on track or speak to your counsellor!

    Let me know how u get on tomorrow
  5. Blondee x

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    hey sweetie, please don't beat yourself up other this. I have seen the posts you have made before and you are doing remarkably well considering how much food you have to handle every day.

    Ok so you did something in a moment of madness that you're not so proud of, not many people could honestly say they have never done that. Just drink ooodles of water and get back on plan tomorrow and it will be like it never happened. Treat it as a learning curve and I hope you feel better about everything soon :) x
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    There's nothing chemically wrong with you in your brain honey. You have done what many of us have done so please put down the stick you are beating yourself with.

    Learn from it, don't put yourself under that kind of pressure/test again for a while if you don't want to and most importantly...put it to bed now. It's done. If you focus on only that event you will set off that cycle of self-loathing and end up feeling worse than you do now.

    It may feel like the end of the world tonight but I promise you it is not and if you can refocus now, then tommorow morning you will feel 100% motivated to get cracking again.

    Best Wishes,

    Lacey :)
  7. Mrs B

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    Awww hunny it's a blip, nothing more, don't beat yourself up for it. You are doing well and hopefully its not done much damage. If we could just give up food none of us would be on CD in the first place.

    Take care.
  8. Miel

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    Don't worry, we've all been there at some time or another I bet. I actually ate a chicken kiev which my Mum left, and I don't even like the bloody things but I can't stand waste. You just have to learn from it and not let it escalate into a full on binge.
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