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I am thinking that maybe...

after two/three weeks when the biggest losses are done, to switching to slimming world. Because i did slimming world before and was losing 2/3 pound a week on that. and looking through everyones weight loss charts, thats what everyone seems to lose here. sooo...rather than go through this diet which IS very hard, inconsidering after week three switching. because il have got the first stone off at least and then il lose the next two stone ove rthe nexttwo months. And i feel i would stick at that more...i just cant see myself in 10 weeks time saying no to parties and dinners and not being able to go anywhere for the sake of 2 pounds a week which i can lose on slimming world.

does that make sense??
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Lots of people switch from CD and come back. If you switch over from SS without working up the steps, you'll most likely have a gain of glycogen and water. The average loss for SS is 1 stone per month, some weeks you may lose 2lbs but that could be followed by a 5lb loss.


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If you think moving to slimming world is the right way for you to go then do it! This diet is not for everyone, and if you say you can loss 2/3lbs a week on SW then go for it. But as Sbridge said it is unlikely you would lose the same on SW than you would on CD. You may have had 2/3lbs losses but then you will have a bigger loss in the next few weeks.
Again like Sbridge said, I would work up the steps first because it may lead you to putting weight on if you start SW with out doing the steps!?

Good luck in whatever you decide! xx
From what you said you have around 3 stone to lose? If you are starting CD, you could lose 3 stone in about 8-10 weeks and it's done. It would be likely if you went from SS straight into SW you would gain half of the stone you lost.

Not sure if that helps in the decision making process! ;)
lexy, that does help. but also doesnt. argh!

im five nine and would be more than happy to be 14 stone , which means currently i am 2 stone and four pounds off so one part of me thinks 'another week and half of cambridge, an dthen lose the last stone and a half the easy way' and then the other part of me thinks 'but youl get it done quicker iwth cambridge!'
I hope you find the way that's right for you. I find CD far easier than SW and WW but if you can do it with those, well eating 'real' food and getting results you are happy with may well be best for you.... if you are happy with the timescale and losses it can provide. No blender is a bugger on CD though!!!


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its the same with any diet i'm afriad, you have to make up your mind and stick with one...i'm sure that 100% on anything will make you lose weight, but i would be wary of jumping between diets as it will not only demotivate you, but will mess around your body. If you suddenly stop CD and go onto SW Green days then you will instantly put on 5lbs of glycogen through carb overdose, your bette off sticking with CD, working up the plans and then going onto a low GI diet to follow....
If your worried about the social events, then maybe just go onto the 1000 cal plan which can have 3/4lbs a week weight loss....!

Before you do anything, i would speak to your CDC for advice as they are trained in this....

I know CD is "hard" but i am finding the results amazing and couldnt go to anything else now....4 stone in 11 weeks? NEVER in a million years would i have lost half that on SW/WW!

good luck with your decisions hun and hope you find what suits you best

I wouldn't change over although I can see where your thinking is coming from. However, once you're in the swing of things most people find CD easier than other diets.
If the other diets worked that well we'd all be doing them and not have weight problems.

The fact is that they take a lot longer and people become demotivated. If CD gets you part way there I'm inclined to think give it credit and let it work all the way.
Wht not think about getting the first stone off on SS and then just moving up the plans? That way you would get the last off through eating healthily. Problem I've always had with SW is a lot of it is portion uncontrolled and I just over eat?

You will find what's best for you, if you're determind you could try it your way and if it didn't work could always go back to CD?

Good luck with whatever you decide x
thanks guys. its a total mental thing. ive never 'had' issues with being overweight or as that BS BMI chart says 'obese'. i have a fabulous life, amazing friends always had boyfriends, travelled the world...apart fromt he odd 'argh abd foto' blip i dont really care. but then...i guess i do or i wouldnt be on cd would i??

your all SO helpful, its a saturday, im hiding from the kitchen!

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