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I am very concerned. Please help.


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I've just been sent an e.mail from a friend who is very concerned that I'm on the CD diet. She really does have my best interests at heart and referred me to the NHS website where an article on VLCD and ketosis recommends only using them for a maximum of two weeks.

I'm also a bit worried after reading a lot more about the role of the counsellor. Mine told me to have a good 'blow out/last supper.' She has put me on sole scource and says she doesn't have to tell my doctor, when all the info on the Canbridge website says she must. She says that I can cheat if we have friends over for supper or want to go out - just lean meat/fish and veg or salad. ( I haven't .) And she gave sold me 3 meals that were out of date, and she didn't have the booklet about the diet to give me or a green weighing card.
However I have am now on my 6th day and feel fine ( she changed the out of date soups when I called.)
What do you all think please?:sigh:
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Hey! i fully trust CD, and it is a well researched diet. There are loads of people who have done it, lost weight and kept it off. I mean one is at a risk anyway when they are over weight!

When your cdc told you about cheating, she probably did not want you to feel left out and isolated. Eating veg and protein does not kick you off ketosis! as for the out of date stock that was naughty but maybe she wasnt aware of it!

People who dont know much about CD always react the way your friend has, i mean if it was that wrong it would have been banned by now??? my cdc is a doctor and she also recommends it to her patients.

I am no expert but i hope this helps.

hang in there hun,

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I haven't been doing CD for long, but I am certain that if you are doing SS then your CDC must inform your doctor. They don't have to on SS+. Also find it very strange that she gave you no information whatsoever or a weight card. Did you fill in all the medical forms? Did you actually get weighed? I don't know about the cheating either, but personally I wouldn't as I would be too scared that it would take me out of ketosis and I'd be hungry again!

Also from what I've read, CD only puts you in a mild state of ketosis which is fine and is not damaging to your health.
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Cambridge is absolutely safe if followed properly. It does sound like you have some justified concerns over the advice being given by your CDC. Is there another one in your area you could consider switching to?



Plod, plod, plod.....
S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oh thank you all, I feel reassured now. I did get weighed and she said that she had just run out of stuff. I picked this counsellor because she is so near to me, all the others are quite far away and I want to make this as easy as possible. I'll go tomorrow to see how things are then. She did this diet herself and lost about 13st, and she does seen very nice and supportive - I think my friend just panicked me.
I do feel well, not hungry and when I stood on my scales this morning ( which aren't very good ) I had lost 8lbs in 6 days. I'll see what the actual loss is tomorrow.
Porgeous, you look fantastic, how long did it take you?


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My cdc gave me a yellow weigh in card, all the booklets and magazines.

I dont think she even asked for my doctors address tho. It wasnt on the forms i filled in. Do they contact every doctor even if your bmi is under 40??

I totally trust CD too. If it was not safe (under doctors supervision if needed) then it would of been banned or something by now. I think from reading various sites and info it is prob the best and most researched diet in the world. It is nice you have a friend who cares so much.


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My CDC was similar in terms of the 'cheating' advice as she told me "anything to get you through!". I understood what she meant tho. She wasn't saying it was ok to cheat but there are going to be situations in which you will need to/be pressured into eating so she made sure that we knew how to limit the damage. She told us to make sure we stuck to salad or chicken and veg and although zero drinks aren't advised by CD she said that if we were about to give into temptation then the zero was a much better option than regular diet.

I really liked that she did it. I wold hate to have a holier than thou CDC, I would much rather one who realises we are only human and acts human themselves!


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My CDC isn't perfect, but I try to do lots of research of my own and make my own decisions on some things... she didn't know that you shouldn't have bars for first two weeks, for example, and thought the bars were 'extra' on top of shakes; also told me I only needed 3x shakes although I am 5'8" which meant I was starving for 3 weeks!!! But she is lovely too, so I work around this!

I am worried that a CDC would suggest ways to cheat 'safely'. I know from the threads there are lots of us who do not stick it out at CD because every day is a battle with cheats and balancing which foods they can 'get away' with. I think having a planned SS+ day if you have friends round is one thing, but building in regular food & seeing it as a cheat is not good for your motivation. If I did that I would have fallen off th wagon big style by now.

I try to take inspiration from the minis regulars who have had great losses and are maintaining... and they always take a no-cheat approach and are serious and determined about SS meaning just that. Also, I think you should ask your CDC about the doctor's signature, just to be on the safe side... I think it is required, even if some CDCs don't follow it up.

Good luck!


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Calling it cheating! The phrasing of that is wrong. Surely a CDC would say that at the beginning some people need to do a week or two of 2a or b before they go onto SS. Surely 'cheating' is a different concept. "You aren't allowed this but never mind, no-one will know, it won't matter"
How about, " Tour body may need a week or two of slightly reduced calories to get you started then work down to SS. If there is specific occasion consider a few days of 2a and ketosis shouldn't be affected drastically."
To me the mentality of that is vastly different to cheating. Did she actually say 'cheating'?


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She says that I can cheat if we have friends over for supper or want to go out - just lean meat/fish and veg or salad. ( I haven't .)
Crazy. Why did she even use the word 'cheat' when she could have said "move up a plan" D'oh.


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I think the fact that CD has been going for what is it 30yrs?? ( maybe more maybe less not quite sure!) tells you that it must be successful.
Also there is an article in yesterdays News of the World about a young girl losing 13st doing CD so I'm sure newspapers and magazines wouldn't endorse such diets if they were dangerous?

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