I ate something

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by roxie89xxxx, 30 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Was doing so well on my
    Diet but I have eaten something :( let myself down so much and worried Iv spoilt it all

    Advise or anything.xxx
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  3. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    Hi Roxie,

    Don't beat yourself up about it, what has happened has happened. get back on the bike and start again. How long have you even on LT?

    If your worried you have come out of ketosis maybe get some ketostix from your pharmacy, these will give you an indication if you have.
  4. dolphin10

    dolphin10 Silver Member

    It depends on how much and what you ate. Your weight loss in the last 3 weeks has been amazing. Don't fret
    just keep on doing what you have up to now, let's hope you are still in ketosis. Good luck
  5. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    Iv been on lt since beginning of oct. This is the first time Iv caved. It's little bits Iv picked at when mums not around lol.
    I no I'll be out of it. Oh well. All I can do is I suppose is to look forward and start again. Just feel disappointed with myself. X
  6. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Full Member

    I have been picking. Like wine gums,
    Little choc buttons, a slice of cheese. A sausage lol I couldnt help it. Maybe I needed this to help me get back on track and same determination as I started with as I have wanted to cave for a while
    Now and was getting harder and harder x
  7. GiveItAgo

    GiveItAgo Full Member

    Don't best yourself up, if have broken the plan in the past on my last time doing LT and had no weight loss or minimal loss, I felt I wasted a week so it was my mindset not to break the plan.

    I tell myself when I'm hungry if I break the plan it will be even longer I'm at my goal and off LT.

    Stay positive
  8. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    you may find though that next week if you stick to it religiously and keep drinking water you may loose more than usual too :)

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