I can cross my legs ............


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:eek: :D

Yesterday evening we brought my eldest (4) to see the live Dora the Explorer show.

There we were sitting in the seats......my in my knee high boots feeling smug.....delighted I was sitting comfortably in the seat and suddenly I realised ............oh mi God - I have my legs crossed.

I leaned over to DH and whispered - I can't believe it - I can cross my legs.......
Of course his reply..........as long as you can uncross them.
For the rest of Dora I was like an eejit......crossing and uncrossing ....looking at my boots.......
So began week 5 on the best diet in the world.


Its so great I cross mine all the time now, feel like a laydeeee!!!!!!!!
Hi Bettyboo,

Crossing your legs is another achievement to add as you lose weight!!!

Great feeling!!!

Remember the day it happened to myself as well:D

Love Mini xxx
It is just the best feeling isn't it?!!

I remember in the summer getting on the plane to go on holiday (having lost 6 stone!) and not only being able to cross my legs but to also pull the tray down completeley and there was a gap and also the belt had loads of 'spare'....I sat there crossing and uncrossing my legs and lifting the tray up and down and hissing through the gap in the chairs at my hubby sat behind 'I can get the tray down', 'I can cross my legs' - and the arm rests weren't digging into my legs.......oh joy, it was wonderful - bet the other passengers thought I'd lost the plot.....LOL:D

Well done!