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I can... I will... I am!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by justjudith, 3 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    This is a space for me to witter on and record my journey as I follow the healthy eating plan which is Slimming World

    I have restarted my journey today..... I weigh in Boots in town on a Saturday morning. I am mainly vegetarian so eat according to the Green Plan. Pickle is my wonder dog, and she encourages me to get in some Body Magic each day - I wear a pedometer for added motivation

    As well as maintaining a food diary online (I am an at home member) I subscribed to another site that has a Dot Calender. The system is you put a red dot on the calendar when if you continued to eat like that you would put on weight, amber dot for a day where if you continued to eat like that you would probably maintain weight and a green dot for if you ate like that every day you would probably lose weight. I will record here what colour my Dot is for the day

    Today would be a red dot day as I ate in response to seeing my weight on the scales. Too much time poncing about. But I have drawn a line and have started afresh.


    Pedometer steps 9528
    DOT - Red
    Syns - too many
    water - 3 litres.
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  3. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Hi there,

    Tea is cooking and all is right with the world.

    Definitely a Green Dot day

    Food could have been more superfree but I did a big online shop which will be delivered tomorrow morning so that should sort itself out.

    Walked Pickle a fair way this evening... my hip aches....

    Was reading "Life is Hard, Food is Easy" by Linda Spangle and in it she says that obesity is a condition that one always will have. We may loose the weight but we will always have to monitor ourselves to prevent us getting bad again ..... made sense to me. I'm in this for the long haul....

    Feeling optimistic....
    Pedometer Steps so far....7202
  4. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Hi there,

    Yesterday was another Green Dot day
    5,000 steps taken
    Food shopping wasn't delivered so had to make do and mend....
    Gave myself a reward of watching an episode of Ugly Betty
  5. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Good Morning

    After losing two pound last week I succumb to a few red dot days and this week put on a pound. I am happy with that.

    Money is tight until payday...... how comes all the crap is cheapest?

    Walked Pickle 6 days out of 7 last week as well

    Feeling more centred

    Now all I have to do is not succumb to a sandwich at lunchtime

    Nor self sabotage

    Easier said than done

  6. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Green Dot day yesterday.
  7. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Today could have been much worse.... although much better as well.

    Not a SW day for lunch - had a prawn mayo sandwich on brown with vegetable crisps.... and a muffin

    Back on course now

    Pasta boiling for tonight's concoction

    No money to buy trash with any more.... so thats a good thing
  8. justjudith

    justjudith *waves hello*

    Hello there,

    Lost one pound on Saturday which I was pleasantly suprised with. Been off plan ever since.

    Managed to walk Pickle every evening so all is not lost.

    Started doing The Beck Diet Solution..... I had brought it for my Kindle some time ago.... got to get me monies worth.

    I am determined to lose weight and keep it off..... and I'm making sure I do everything possible for a positive outcome

    Tomorrow I will eat according to plan..... I know I will feel better for it. I don't like feeling like crap.

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