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I'm Sarah, a 5"5 35 year old yoyo dieter, here's my story in brief, 7 years ago I went from 16 stone down to 9 and 1/2 over a year. I featured in a magazine looking all slinky and gorgeous... Then had two gorgeous children and am now 15 stone... The journey begins again. I've been dieting a week, I lost 4 pounds last Sunday but this week I've lost my way for the last two days. I want to be thinner... And I know 'I can eat what I want, or I can be slim, I can't have both'. This time I will succeed... I'll write my journey here.

My daughter is 6 months old and her Christening is in 11 weeks... That's my initial target, I want to lose as much as possible but at least a stone and a half...

Of course ideally I want to lose it all this week!!!!
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Today I ate... Bacon, egg, beans, ketchup, 1/4 melon, tea with sweetner, 6 ryvitta wholegrain crispbreads with cheese, pepsi max, 4 ryvitta with chocolate spread... Then it went very wrong! 6 ryvitta with chocolate spread, whole bag of marshmallows, 4 ryvitta with chocolate spread, spoon of chocolate spread... and am sat here now craving MORE! Yet want to be slim.


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If you start eating all the carby things you have had today then you will be setting yourself up for big cravings. Avoid those carbs! Honestly, its the only way.

Tomorrow is a new day, and a new start. Keep off the carbs and you will be surprised at how the cravings will drop off.

Sending you strong will vibes for tomorrow, good luck!


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samoneypenny said:
This time I will succeed...

My daughter is 6 months old and her Christening is in 11 weeks... That's my initial target, I want to lose as much as possible but at least a stone and a half...
Next time you want or crave those food, remember what you wrote above and how much you really want it.

Good luck!
Hi Sarah,
Just to say Good luck with your weight loss x This site is really helping me and I'm sure if your in the right mind set you can do it, You sound as if you are :D, I look forward to seeing how you get on, and we can all support each other :D
Thanks all for the supportive comments. This is a fabulous site with amazing people!

Today... Managed to not weigh myself!! That's a big avoidance for me, I'm going to wait until my official day of Sunday. There's a slimming world group locally, I'm following slimming world as I've done it before (briefly) but really I don't want to join again as I'm feeling the financial pinch and want to do slimming world on my own. Last time I was really disappointed by the lack of support... my leader was more concerned with career progress...

Anyway, food... Good day so far;
Breakfast- melon, muller yoghurt

Mid morn snack-1 alpen light ( savingbone for later) banana

Lunchtime- 2 ryvitta wholegrain crackerbreads (saving 4) with cheese
Bacon, 2 eggs, baked beans and ketchup

2 mile walk with pushchair

Tea- oven cooked chicken, actifry potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, gravy and jam

All good far, quite possibly have no syns left but will have rest of crackerbread and alpen light later.

Pleased with myself!!
Evening was good too... :)) muller yoghurt, 1 alpen light, 4 crackerbreads. Weighed my cheese and discovered it's double what I'm allowed....

Just read about ketosis with the more extreme diets like Cambridge, surely you'd just gain all the weight back quickly...?
Today... Not as good, branflakes and semi skim milk, water. Then went to a play area and HUGELY craved a millionaire slice, in fact I craved 3. Resisted... Very hard. Had a pepsi max and a banana... Erm yum! Then made it home, had 6 wholegrain ryvitta crackerbreads, pepsi max and THEN!!!!!! 6 ryvitta standard ones thick with chocolate spread. Glass of tap water

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