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I Cannot Resist.....


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...Shopping for clothes. I even went and bought some new bras today. I said I wouldn't until I'd lost more weight, but I really, really needed them :eek: I was 44DD; I bought 40C.

I also got some short-sleeved tops for work. My others were all XL and are hanging off me. The ones I got today are medium. I can get in a 16 pants but because they're low-cut, I get a "muffin top" which I hate. Just give it a couple of weeks....

So for all those who want to eat; or are feeling fed-up and bored of the diet, just think, three months ago I was a size 22/24 and how quickly that time has flown. By summertime, what will I weigh? I hope to be around 10st-ish and I'm halfway there.

If I can do it, anyone can.

Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels.
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Well done Lisa, I too have had to buy new bras and knickers, and yesterday I had to go into town to buy new tunics for work, I have bought size 14's but could have got away with 12's, but I like to be comfy. My originals were size 18's, I feel sooooo pleased to have bought these smaller ones and also I bought some new jeans, only cheap ones cos in a few weeks I'm sure I'll be in size 12's and have to buy some more. People must really see a big difference in your shape, you must look great. Keep up the good work. x :happy096:
Well said Lisa, all so true, although I aint buying bra's;)
me too!! I also said I wouldn't buy new clothes until I was at my goal... But that just isn't possible, especially with items like bras & knickers, if your bra doesnt fit right it can be painful, cant it?

I also bought some new 'pretty' tops that I would have NEVER before as my belly was so big, but now its fab, just cant resist!!

Primark is so cheap, for the 'inbetween' stage its been great.


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i've just done a similar post! Great isn't it! Last week I had to buy bras. The old ones popped my boobs out when I lifted my arms up! Gone from a 40b to a 36d. Loving it! Bought a dress as well, in a 12, the 14 was a bit big, the 12 a bit small. 1st 4lb to go, so then it should fit!


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Well done Lisa on your new clothes and smaller sizes!!!:party0011::party0011::party0011:


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Well done Lisa, ive bought loads too although need totally remeasuring for bras now, i dont have a clue what size anymore lol xx
Lisa it's a fab feeling isn't it. I too was gonna wait, but I coudn't resist. I bought a beautiful dress, size 14...pants and nice tops and 2 pair of "to die for shoes". I got home and tried them all on. Wow I almost fancied myself..:)hahaha. The other half was grinning like a cheshire cat!
I feel so much happier.
The girls in work have paid me lots of compliments, but unfortuately my manager cannot bring herself to say anything positive. Instead, she told me that this diet has changed me and I have become so detatched and quiet in the office...blah blah blah..I held my own and told her that this "diet" was not easy when the office is full of everyone eating and cooking. I assured her that I am happy and made no apologies for being quiet, cos if that's what I have got to do to get where I want to be, then so be it, and the rest will have to deal with it! The conversation went on and on..never in my adult life have I experienced another be so jealous of me. I was shocked. She proceeded to have this discussion in our small office of 9 women who all sat silent. I later told them that the reason I am quiet is because I am sick to death of listening to everyone moaning and slagging everyone off and it's not conversation that I wish to be part of.
I think the rest of the girls were shocked at my managers behaviour and individually they all came up and apologised and said they felt soo embarrassed and didn't know what to do. I told them I can stand up for myself, but was glad they came to me because I was thinking, maybe it was just me.
Nobody is gonna steal my thunder..not even my manager..
I've only been in this job 6mths...but the green eyed monster has made it's presence known!
I love a challenge and this has made me even more determined to continue with this programme.
oh wow I just have to post , the green eyed monster certainly has popped up and made herself known hasnt she - dont you justlove "those type of manager" yep I have one too...

keep it up girl
I'm lucky. I've got a new manager who is very supportive as are my other colleagues, although I have overheard stuff about "putting it all back on again." I don't care what others think. I feel great; my daughter works with me and she's lost loads on Lipotrim. All the people I care about are supportive; my other daughters and even my ex is complimenting me all the time - I may have to keep my eye on him! My general health is so much better too. I've had chronic back pain for years; I've had two discs removed and developed arthritis in my spine. Since starting the diet I have had no back pain at all. The last time I was off sick was early September and that was because I fell whilst taking the dogs out for a walk.

Cappachino, maybe if your manager is overweight she might be interested in the diet; is that why she's jealous? She behaved in a very unprofessional manner. It's so disheartening when someone bursts your bubble. At least on here you'll get 100% support. My former manager (a man) did Lipotrim so everyone in our office is familiar with it and they saw his great results. Our lot can be bitchy sometimes, but they have been great with me. Other staff in the company have also been very complimentary too - even people I have never spoken to have commented. Don't let the b***** grind you down.


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henpom's right..shes definately jealous of your great weight loss and no, she def shouldnt have spoken to you like that in front of nine other people...very unprofessional and wrong

dont take any notice cappachino...your doing great...just think how your going to feel another few pounds down the road..and you can mentally stick your fingers up to her and all like her who give negative comments over something they dont understand :)

about the clothes thing..i told myself i wouldnt buy anything as well but again i had to get a couple new bras..down from 38c to 36b which is what i was many years ago..and what i feel most comfortable as...they now go with the body and i dont feel so out of proportion..if you see what i mean!

h xx
Thanks guys, you are all so right...and don't worry, absloutley nobody is gonna burst my bubble. This lil light is gonna shine.:D
I have had another 4lb loss this week, so feel on top of the world and that's where I'm intending to stay.
Thanks for your support...roll on next weigh in and roll on summer..hehehe:D


Back on the wagon!
Getting into smaller clothes is the best part of this diet.......well done all!!
I have to agree with not letting anyone burst your bubble Cappachino, people will want to grind us down when they dont understand why we are doing this or are simply plain jealous, I prefer to think of it as jealousy as it seems to make me more determined to prove them wrong!!

What a great feeling it is to be buying new clothes and even better that there are all so much smaller! I have to agree, I quite fancy myself now as well! And I tell you I was black affronted the other day... I went into a garage to get some petrol - as you do. I was wearing my skinny jeans with long boots over the top with slim fitting poloneck on top half, I was walking out feeling like a super model...then... I bloody slipped! I never went down on my arse but nearly did, I kind of did a skid, run and jump to catch up with myself!!!! It was actually rather funny as seconds later I was thinking to myself, dam you look good!!! I think I laughed solid in the car for about a further 5 minutes and I bet all the cars at the garage were doing the same!!

Am feelign really positive again today, it had kind of been slipping this last wee while and the tempatation of eating was always there, but after reading your posts of buying smaller clotyhes its perked me up and made me think about how far I've come as well. Still aiming for those size 12's tho, hopefully wont be too long!!

keep up the fab work everyone - love to us all on lipo!XXX
Sorry that should say... as second before I was thinking dam you look good!! I wasna thinking that after the slid... well maybe not right away!!

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