I can't afford to eat anymore anyway...


The Diet Guy
Bloody ell!!

My electricity bill was £20 a month.

At the start of the year I had air con fitted all round the house as it is always so damn hot here!

Anyway got a letter this morning saying they are upping the direct debit to £90 a month and I owe them about 700 quid!!

So lesson for today is never have the air con on again....

Right I am off to sell myself on Ebay to help pay for it

Well, that'll at cover at least one month's DD Mike ;)

Seriously ... OUCH!!! Did you have all your doors and windows open too and were cooling down the garden?
Grrrrr! I hate electricity/gas money grabbing b******!

My utility company managed to work out a calculation for my average monthly usage that was so far out that I too have been left with a ma-hoo-sive bill! It also means that I will probably be tied to them for life! grrrr!

Since Mike's dieting success, he will go as a 'small packet' ;)

I'll start the bidding at 75 .......

.............. nahh - that's tight - make it a quid!
Cheers for that! I have listed myself under "WEIRD COLLECTABLES" with a Buy It Now price of £1.99 with free postage (trying to attract people who don't like to pay for envelopes!)
I make a mean curry, enjoy filling dishwashers but not emptying them (not sure why!!), I like polishing cars, don't mind mowing lawns and have been known to use the hoover but only usually when people coming round.
do you do ironing ?? and put the loo seat down ??!!!

YES ??!! - £3.27......and that's my final offer !:p
Paypal is fine yes!

I don't do ironing ever! Even when I lived on my own I used to buy 40 quid no-iron shirts because when I get out the iron I always burn myself.

I am also apparently very good at putting up a picture on the wall but not getting it straight.
I've pulled out all the stops, had a word with my bank manager and have managed to raise £4.23

.... I was tempted to spend it on some hair dye but have decided that it would be better employed in this auction. It was the 'loading the dishwasher' facility that was the clincher :)
I am touched (clearly!!) that I am worth nearly the value of 3 packs of spicy tomato soup!!

I have a reserve price though of 7 quid so either dig deep or step outta the auction!!

I haven't got a dishwasher, do you wash up.

Any babysitting thrown in ????