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Back to try again after an awful year - help appreciated!


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G: 11st0lb
Thanks hun :)

Food today
Looking like another no syn day finishing my week before syns again tomorrow
B - fritatta with mushrooms peppers potato sliced onion and ham with plum tomatoes
L - went to sisters all she had good was omlette so omlette with onion peppers and tomatoes
S - carrot sticks
D - paprika pork loaded with peppers onions and rice
S - may have toast hex b tonight if hungry
Syns - 0
Weekly - 64 syns
G: 11st0lb
So we are away for our weekend away

B - fritatta and tomatoes
S - scone and jam
L - baked potatoe beans cheese and salad
D - Chicken baby potatoes carrots and peas with onion and mushroom reduction and after was small slice of sticky toffee pudding
S - 2 small vodka and a packet of Pom bears

Not going to estimate syns over weekend but will be as good as I can be

I have however walked 7.5km


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Well done on your first weigh in

Enjoy your weekend away, hope its relaxing and fun.
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I've had a super rubbish year too, still am and its broken me a bit as a person, so I understand how it's so easy to loose focus on yourself.

I joined slimming world last week hoping it will be a distraction from all the stress in my life at the moment and learn to love and look after myself again.

Enjoy your weekend away, I'll be following your thread to offer encouragement where I can

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Hello all, I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. This is the first time I've done this plan so it's a big learning curve at the moment. I really love having like minded people to share ups and downs with, so came on this site to say hi.
Starting at 99 kg (15st 8) aiming for 80kg (12st 8) as a first goal
G: 11st0lb
Awww wow thank you so much for the kind replys.

Yesterday passed peacefully and only cried in the morning I'm so glad we came away I think we needed it. We had planned to let off eco friendly chinese lanterns for the baby but I don't think you are allowed here so going to do it 29/12 day I lost the baby and had surgery.

Iv been bad again today but had no choice breakfast was granola, fruit and natural yoghurt then a Scottish breakfast and toast lol
L - Chicken brown bread and salad sandwich
D - stopped off way home I had fresh fish chips and peas was amazing
S -having a few drinks tonight as I did go ape today which was so so scary. I even had a panic attack and cried haha.

So I did go ape for 3 hours and also walked 8.4km today

Hope your all having a good weekend xx

Catherine I hope you are OK
Well, i had been on here ages ago, i reached target and struggled to keep making classes as my grand parents were really ill and i spent alot of time with them.
Its now been a while and im crawling back with my tail between my legs.
Its hard for me as i don't attend classes (to be honest cant afford it we are renting/ saving for a morgage and attempting to save for a wedding having got engaged a few months ago). Iv decided to weigh monthly instead as i was becoming obsessed with my weight.

Anyway, decided that as of tomorrow (pay day) i am going to try and come back and give it my all, i really want to lose some of the 2 and a half stone iv gained since i stopped.

I guess there are numerous reasons why iv gained, iv slipped back into my old ways. Iv had a horrific past year. I lost both my amazing grand parents who i was incredibly close to and i also lost a baby aswell as one of my best friends (early this year). Safe to say things spiralled out of control but its now my time to refocus and get on with my life.

So just looking for some motivation and people to keep me on track, im going to go back to the old green/red and extra easy days with most days being extra easy as this is what i know and worked previously.

Im going to get a few things from the shop tonight and will weigh myself tomorrow at my grans and use the same scales once a month to see where i am going.

Thanks for listening to me :)

Sorry to jump in on this thread but slimming world food diaries attracted me... I'm a newly joined slimming world newbie and needing encouragement!

Kirsty- your post really touched me. I'm so sorry for the tragic time you have had... So sad.
G: 11st0lb
Sorry to jump in on this thread but slimming world food diaries attracted me... I'm a newly joined slimming world newbie and needing encouragement!

Kirsty- your post really touched me. I'm so sorry for the tragic time you have had... So sad.
Awww thank you so much hun!!
How are you getting on with slimming world?

Iv been good today - trying to be good again this week after being bad again for a while haha!!
G: 11st0lb
Todays food

B - hex b granola, strawberries, raspberries and fat free yoghurt
L - frittata with salad and an apple
S - 3 big slices of watermelon
D - pork and vegetable meal from (all in one pot recipe book) loaded with vegetables green beans spinach pepper and 2 onions and carrots
S - carrot sticks and hummous 4 syns
Syns - 4
Weekly - 4
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