Back to try again after an awful year - help appreciated!


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Well, i had been on here ages ago, i reached target and struggled to keep making classes as my grand parents were really ill and i spent alot of time with them.
Its now been a while and im crawling back with my tail between my legs.
Its hard for me as i don't attend classes (to be honest cant afford it we are renting/ saving for a morgage and attempting to save for a wedding having got engaged a few months ago). Iv decided to weigh monthly instead as i was becoming obsessed with my weight.

Anyway, decided that as of tomorrow (pay day) i am going to try and come back and give it my all, i really want to lose some of the 2 and a half stone iv gained since i stopped.

I guess there are numerous reasons why iv gained, iv slipped back into my old ways. Iv had a horrific past year. I lost both my amazing grand parents who i was incredibly close to and i also lost a baby aswell as one of my best friends (early this year). Safe to say things spiralled out of control but its now my time to refocus and get on with my life.

So just looking for some motivation and people to keep me on track, im going to go back to the old green/red and extra easy days with most days being extra easy as this is what i know and worked previously.

Im going to get a few things from the shop tonight and will weigh myself tomorrow at my grans and use the same scales once a month to see where i am going.

Thanks for listening to me :)
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Good Luck Kirsty! if you set your mind to it, you will do it :) xx


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I got that salad you suggested and some benefit bars i think they are called that can be used as hex b, also some sorbet :)

Todays plan my first day back on yay

B - 2 egg omlette with red onion and tomatoes with a green tea
S - Apple and half hex b (benefit bar)
L - Chicken and mango salad (Aldi - 1 syn), carrot sticks with hummous (2 tbsp - 4 syns)
S - Melon and peach
D - fritatta with (chorizo (3 syns) pepper/ onion/ peas/ courgette and celery) with a baked potato with hex a cheese
S - malteasers bar (9.5 syns) some more melon if hungry seem to be starving today
total syns so far - 17.5 syns
Weekly syns - 17.5/70
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Certainly sounds like a horrible time :( I don' think anyone would have focused on weight loss really!

I weigh in at Boots because I can't afford to join a group and my bathroom scales are rubbish! I gained 5lbs by going to the toilet once... I should really bin them.

Hope today's going well xx


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So will weigh tonight and then again in a month!!
Do you think you will stay on track if you only weigh once a month?

I found when I was doing 5:2 that I'd just make excuses for myself and not give a **** because I had time to pull any damage back - but I never did. Weekly weighing keeps me on track a lot better, but obviously if you think you will benefit better from monthly weighing then stick with it xx


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Thanks Heather. apart from feeling a bit dizzy as i met my sisters, nephew and friend for a coffee (green tea for me) at lunchtime and just had lunch there its going well.

Jodie - Yeah i am normally really good at doing it over month as first ever diet i tried i weighed monthly and used to love seeing a big chunk go down so should be ok i think if not can change to weekly?xx


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S: 18st0lb C: 17st2lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 37.6 Loss: 0st12lb(4.76%)
if not can change to weekly?xx

Whatever works best for you chick! I do see the appeal of the huge number difference though!! I might try it myself once i'm properly established on the diet again. Right now I'm still in the mindset of cheating myself! x


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Hi Kirsty, good luck.
Sounds like you've really been through the wars in the last year, it will be good for you to have something to really focus on.
I'm intrigued about that salad from Aldi - is it a pre-packed one? How was it?
Your food sounds fab - I especially like the sound of your frittata tea.
I love the old green and red days, but I used to follow green a bit too much with a few too many carbs and definitely more cheese than I probably should! I find the 1/3 superfree rule on Extra Easy is good at forcing portion control!
Hope you have a great day


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Thank you Sarah, it was a horrific year but im here to tell the tale :)
It was a pre-packed one beside the yoghurts of all places it was really nice.
I am looking forward to my frittata, never really had one before i don't think and got it off eat well for less.
I also like the old green and red days but prefer ee!! xx