I can't beleive it!


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Ya better believe it! lol :D Just wait til your jeans are falling down and your clothes are too baggy! ^.^ you'll be even more overjoyed! Congratulations and welcome! :)


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Welcome and good luck with your journey. Come here for plenty of support and advice and of course further inspiration. :D

xx Cathy xx

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Well done on a brilliant weigh in! Best of luck for the next one xx


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That's brilliant! Feels great doesn't it :-D Good luck with week 2


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Welcome Starsy, and yes it is great isnt it....well done on the 11 lbs loss! Enjoy that feeling, it is great !!

have a good week.


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I everyone,
I am new here, congrats to you all for your wonderfull job on weight lost journey. I could not beleive that I have lost 11lb on my first week today. Honestly lipotrim works.

Week1 11lb:)

It certainly does! Good luck with your second week!