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i cant do it anymore..

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hello fellow slimmers.

im feeling like i cant continue with slimmingworld at this moment in time.. i feel like im really fighting myself. i dont want to 'leave' sw, or my group in general because iv been there 3 years now and i really enjoy it.. but im starting to dred weigh ins, and im not enjoying it at all. im worried the longer i continue to feel this way i will struggle to get back on it when baby arrives. I am packing the weight on big time, a good 2 stone now and i recon next weigh in will put me over that 'limit' that sw gave me before i start paying again and am no longer classed as a target member. (for those of you who this confuses, as a target member i am allowed to gain up to 2st whilst pregnant before paying again) .. i can stick to plan just fine, but it is hard, and my never ending hunger- no matter how big or filling my meals, means i fight myself over treats and chocolates etc.. and i feel guilty. i dont want to get on the scales anymore, i really. . really dont. Iv gained every single week since about week 10- i finally managed to loose 1lb 2 weeks ago but my god it felt hard to really stick to plan 100%.. but i was SO chuffed.. then i followed plan 100% the 2nd week, and gained 2.5lbs. Now that i am not upset about in itself, cos i was good and so it has to be baby.. and im aware there will be weeks no matter what i eat that baby will gain, and some it will be all me.. i had a good day sw wise thursday and friday.. but then ate two cream cakes, biscuits... and then out for a curry.. onion baijis, poppadoms, creamy curry, naans.. the lot.. saturday and then it got no better sunday. i really enjoyed myself but i feel incredibly guilty and the fact i know im over that 2st mark now.. i dont need scales to tell me that.. im just struggeling.

my head is torn. . i feel like its spiralling out of control, and with 18 more weeks to go AND a 2weeks cyprus holiday to enjoy i literally could pile on EVERYTHING i worked so hard to loose before.. its a very real possibility.. no matter how hard i try its just piling on.. and yes yes.. i know im pregnant but its not showing signs of slowing down and i dont want to be 4st heavier at the end of my pregnancy.. but at the same time the thought of going to class wednesday makes me want to cry, and truthfull iv been forcing myself to go for weeks now.. :( im not sure whats best for me anymore.
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I've said this before and I'll say it again. We can always lose weight after the baby, but there's no point having a miserable pregnancy.

This *might* be our only pregnancy, and I'd like us/me/you to enjoy it rather than being really upset over food and weight gain.

I know it's easy for me to sit and say that, I'm not you, I'm not in your headspace, but what would you tell me?

You've tried and there comes a point when you have to weigh up (no pun intended) what's more important to you.

Why not take a break from class and get your head together?

Everything in balance, you had a slightly "naughty" weekend with curry and stuff but I'm sure the rest of the week it will balance out with healthy eating.

I make a deal with myself that if I be good with my food choices, then I cut myself a bit of slack, using the 80/20 rule. Good healthy eating 80% of the time and 20% I can be naughty. So I'll have a bit of cake, or my roll and chips because last night I ate a whole bag of salad as my superfree and the rest of the day was pretty decent too.

You can't spend your whole pregnancy stressed. It's not good for you, it's not good for the baby. Yes I know being overweight during pregnancy isn't great either, speaking from personal experience here, but the weight can always be worked on, I can't travel back in time and re-enjoy my pregnancy.

Hopefully someone will come along with some better advice.


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Hi Chick

I don't know what is best for you as I don't have any children. But I think if it was me (and I could afford it) I would carry on going to class even if I went over the 2 stone allowance.

You are still then following the principles in general, continuing with group etc, but you are allowing yourself to be a pregnant lady with cravings and hormones!!
Don't beat yourself up about gain, when baby is born think how cool it will be when the weight drops again. If you have been a member for 3 years it's obviously a way of life that you are happy to live by.

Maybe if you have a different approach you may not get so upset about weigh in, and just take it as a chance to have a natter and get out a bit.

If it's really stressing you out then maybe take a break and try and follow it at home, it's not worth making yourself sick with worry.

Some of us have treats like yours without a baby on the way, so there is nothing wrong with that!

Good luck to you whatever you decide
Firstly, gentle hugs to you and bubs...

I've never been pregnant so have no real experience, but time to get down to the nitty-gritty....

If you stop going to group, are you likely to still keep an eye on your weight, or will it just be the all clear to go mad?

If you are struggling with being constantly hungry, try having a glass of NAS cordial/water before each meal. Would splitting your meals up be easier (ie having 6 'half' meals each day - if nothing else, having a drink before each meal will keep your fluids up!!)

Do you feel under pressure to keep to the '2 stone' limit? Could you be rebelling against this? (Thinking that once you get over the 2 stone limit, that's it, the 'diet' is over? Are you using the '2 stone' limit as a way of self-sabotaging?)

Do you think that being pregnant is self sabotaging you? Obviously being pregnant is marvellous, but your head had been in 'must lose weight' mode and then 'mustn't gain weight' mode for 3 years!!! Now suddenly, to be fit and healthy, you need to be gaining weight (for bubs).

Perhaps going to class will help. Not for the scales, but just for the companionship of people who are also struggling with weight (just different reasons obviously, unless everyone else in your group is pregnant!!!). If you think that the whole 'weight/scales' thing will not really help, get weighed (don't look at the numbers) and rather than have your consultant ask about weight, get them to ask about 'days on plan'. (Rather than 'ooh, you've lost/gained this week' be more about 'ooh, so how many days 100% this week?')



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You know the 'advice' given about weight gain in pregnancy makes me laugh.
I started gaining weight at 6 weeks pregnant, by the time I was 12 weeks I had gone from a size 12 to a size 14/16! It wasn't by overeating as I was as sick as a dog!
The midwife kept harping on about how you shouldn't gain anything till week 12 and then only a 1lb a week!

Stressing about weight gain now will do you no favours, but I will say this, Post natal depression often starts in pregnancy, so if you do give up going and don't feel better in a fortnight please phone the Post Natal Depression helpline for advice.

Congratulations and good luck with the baby xxx
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for the advise guys. i feel like i just cant ''allow'' myself to gain weight, say if id only gained a stone now, id be really chuffed with myself.. but in my own head i set myself a thing of aiming for no more than a 2.5 st gain by the end.. but its just coming up a hell of alot faster than i ever imagined.. and i just keep thinking 'iv got 18 more weeks to go yet!' .. i LOVE being pregnant, i like feeling my baby move, i like fantasising about how life will be and i like not having to suck in my belly all the time! LOL .. but at the same time im finding myself panicking about the after affects.. how long will it take me to loose it again.. will i have that will power? will i be able to breastfeed- is it as good for weight loss as people claim?.. etc etc.. the list goes on and on... most days i have a good positive frame of mind in terms on sw.. on other days i feel like its all out of control and actually im struggeling with that.

i AM having lots of treats, as and when i please.. im enjoying my pregnancy and at the same time im concious of my food in take.. i eat loads of fruit, loads of veg. . and in general all our meals are always sw friendly, just cos after 3 years, thats just the way i cook and i prefer it that way..

im not really sure what to do tbh..x


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S: 21st12.5lb C: 21st4lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st8.5lb(2.77%)
I have some bad news, breastfeeding exclusively for 4 months on both my pregnancies did nothing for weight loss, and my periods came back after 4 weeks. I felt cheated!!!

Being pregnant is the best thing ever and giving birth is exhilarating!


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Personally I don't think SW is setting a very good example to new Mums by saying more than 2 stone and you'll start paying for class again as if more than two stone and you've been a bad girl eating too much and gaining too much weight. I was told 2.5 to 3.5 stone was considered perfectly healthy gain during a pregnancy - SW doesn't even hit the bottom figure. You keep going Fern, you know you're eating well and the odd 'naughty' meal won't change the fact you're giving your baby a good healthy start in life :)
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Some of the weight gain will be down to things that you have no control over whatsoever, not just the size of little bubba but the size of your placenta and how much fluid you are carrying too.
SW will still be there after the birth and you know you can do it.

Enjoy the pregnancy and try not to stress too much about it
Fern, how about you just do it alone at home, that way you haven't got to worry about the weekly weigh ins and can just following it loosely. You will probably find you wont gain as much as you think, as you won't be thinking and worrying about it so much.

Dont be too hard on yourself either, you have a growing baby inside of you and if we need something then we usually just have to have it.

I couldnt really do slimming world at all in my first 14/16 weeks because of the sickness, was okay in the middle, but am now having to just eat what I can when I can now I am in the last few weeks. I don't always fancy cooked meals and can only really handle small snacks at the moment.


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Please dont worry about it just enjoy your pregnancy and just live for the now
Theres no point worrying bout later
I put on about four stone and the midwife kept saying oh its a big baby 11pounder bla bla
Well she was 8. 10 and im not saying i snapd into a size ten but i tell you the way i lost it at the time was walking with my pram and my gorgeus new baby
I put on weight later but that was my own fault cant blame my baby now shes 18 lol
But i will tell you the time goes so fast so you enjoy every minute of it
Big or slim or polka dot your going to be one of the most important people in your babys life
Be excited its an exciting time take care lesley xx
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I can understand how you feel. You got to target & now even though you are pregnant you've gained almost 2 stone, and you've still got 18wks left.

Personally I'd still go to class, this way you will stay in control. If you try to do SW from home you may lose interest & gain more than if you'd continued to go to class.

Take a look at the diaries here & find some SW friendly treats & enjoy those, or stock up on low syn treats, make yourself a treat box, whatever it takes for you to get back in control.

I understand what the others are saying, yes you & baby are the most important thing right now. But I just think if you continue as you are, & for example, you have gained 4stone by the time baby arrives how fed up you'll feel, I know how much your weight loss means to you. I also know how hard you worked to get to & stay at target.


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Aww Hun, firstly let me give you a massive virtual hug.

I can really appriciate how you are feeling, its so hard to not be stressed over your weight when you know that your carrying one of the most important people in your life.

I totally agree with what everyone has said and just wanted to add a little few thing.

Your are being a great mummy, making sure that you are eating healthy and if you have some treats please dont feel bad.

Weight Gain - The amount you have gained I would consider a healthy gain. (I've seen your bump pictures, and you are all baby!!!)

They recommend that you gain between 25 to 35pounds, so if you was to gain 18 pounds extra until bubba arrives you will still be within the target.

Losing the Weight - I gained nearly four stone when I had my first baby. In the first six weeks I lost nearly stone. I then started working on losing the weight. I had 3 stone to lose which I did in 9 months. It came off really easily and I wasnt 100% the whole time.

You have lost weight before so please dont worry about losing it, you are a sucess!!

Slimming World Classes - I have never gone to a class and I think its unfair that you are restricted to a maximum gain before paying. I go with Britmum and say start doing SW at home so there is no pressure to stay within their target.

Its so easy to type on here and say dont worry but I really understand how torn you are feeling. Maybe you just need to take sometime out, find what foods fill you up so your not ravenous all the time and if its outside the SW plan, so be it.

Being hungry is pregnancy is really hard to deal with, I had it in the first 12 weeks (of this pregnancy and with my first) and the only thing that made be feel better was eating copious amounts of bread. This didnt fit in with SW, but hay hoo eating the bread was stopping the hunger/sickness/tiredness and that was far more important than sticking to the plan and keeping the weight down

Try to not be so hard on yourself, if you gain you gain there is not a lot you can do really, (apart from not eat and we all know thats a massive No No) If you decide that your going to go with the flow then make a deal with yourself that you will do something once baby arrives. Decide on a start date and set a weekly goal, this means you havent given up as you have a plan of action in place.

If you do decide to have a break also please dont leave the board, I want to know how you are doing and see pics of your cute bubba.

Take care hun x
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Thanks guys. I know you lot understand where im coming from. . i find my mind wondering to 'oh im just gunna have to do slimfast or some silly diet' after.. because i feel im gunna have tonnes left over to loose and quite honestly, i dont think i have it in me to loose it all over again. All that hard work.

im not sure what im gunna do. Im feeling all over the place with it today. I think im gunna avoid sw this wednesday, whilst i sort it all out in my own head. .

i wont be leaving the board dw honey. . i like to share my pictures!

i know it sounds totally selfish but all the things i hated about being *big* when i was bigger, are coming back- my boobs are so big.. theyv shot up from a 32E to a 36GG, almost exactly what they were when i was big. .they are heavy, and hot.. and with no wired bras aloud theres no proper support, so i look wide. . my face is getting plumpy.. my arms are huge.. somthing iv always been uncomfortable with.. but finally felt at ease with when they reduced dramatically when i finally hit target. . im so wide.. wide wide wide. . god i sound so ungreatful. I have a beautiful, healthy baby inside me.. and i DO love my bump.. its just everything else....

what is my problem...


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I see no problem, just someone trying to come to terms with growing bigger.

I remember the first time, I hated seeing the scales increasing and seeing my clothes going from a 14 to 20. I loved my bump so much but couldn't feel comfortable being 'big'

It's really hard to come to terms with, especially as youve worked so hard to lose the weight. But you need to realise .......you're not 100% in control over your weight gain, you're not fat and you are doing something amazing!

I can't say much abt losing weight with SW as I did it with WW. I came to SW when I become pregnant.

Losing weight is daunting but you can start whenever you're ready. There is no rush.

Honestly I think you're best having some time out to reflect and relax. X
Sending you loads of happy thoughts. I'm now a proud mummy to a healthy four month old baby boy. I left slimming world when I was 4 months pregnant. I still stuck to my green days mainly in work as there was other work mates doing it but then enjoyed a toffee crisp and a packet of fruit pastilles every day. Usually in the morning before I got to work. Lol. And a mars ice-cream at night lol lol
I really enjoyed my pregnancy and don't think stressing about food should be part of it. I'm sure you know the plan, if you don't feel supported then don't go. It's not worth it. Spend the time you would have spent in class going for a nice walk or just doing something for you.
It's not just the baby that adds extra pounds it's all that extra blood and other lovely stuff.
I lost a stone within 2 weeks of giving birth.
I've just returned to class and feel so motivated that I'm shocking myself. I'm just ready for this, so my advise is give yourself a break, enjoy your sweet treats knowing that after birth you might be heavier but it's worth it.
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What is your problem you say.....you are pregnant and have hormones coming out of every orifice!!!! Your little one is cooking nicely and your feelings are quite normal!!!! Personally I think you should enjoy your last weeks as you will not know what has hit you when you have your babe (in the nicest possible way)
You have lost the weight before and you will lose the weight again, please do not put pressure on yourself. Trust your body. You will have a summer babe so you can do lots of walking and eat lots of fresh healthy fruit.
At the end of the day you and your babe are important so try to stay calm. I used to talk to my boys when I was pregnant and watch them kicking my tummy into the most bizarre shape..a leg here...an arm there!!!
Enjoy......any weight loss can be done later and you will do it.


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Hugs (()) it can feel tough when our bodies are taken over and with all the best will in the world some bits shake and shock us ... it will ALL be worth it as nothing compares to the end result.

Slimming World website ...

Our pregnancy and post-natal policy - Slimming World - Health Professional Resources

tells us no weight change recomendation during pregnancy .... is it your midwife who is giving the 2 stone change? If not I'd have a word with head office to check if your consultant is right as missing out seeing your friends and hearing new tips at group would be a shame when you've earned the right to be there throughout the whole of your pregnancy (and 6 weeks beyond) as a target member. If the numbers on the scales send you sad maybe see if you can attend without weighing, you'd still benefit from seeing friends and hearing tips and be ready to start losing soon as managable after
baby is born? Hugs again (())

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