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Im just gunna rant now, im really really feeling low at the minute, i will be starting my 4th week tomoz but i dont know if i can do it any longer. Im havain a really hard time with my partner at the minute, were always arguing and if were not arguing were not talking 2 each other. We havent been sleeping in the same room and im just fed up with it all. Im an emotional eater, thats how i got to be overweight and at times like this i usually stuff my face with anything and everything but i cant so thats stressing me even more! Im just so fed up with everything :cry:
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Call me Nicky xx
Hun, this is your time, you have lasted 4 weeks and done fantastically well, you are so much stronger than you think. I have every faith that you will continue on and reach your goal xx
Don't give up hun, you have done so well. Just think that those 4 weeks would have been for nothing if you put it back on. I know it's hard when your feeling low, but you have all the support for the other dieters, and just look how much you have lost already, thats amazing.

Keep at it!


going to do it this time!
Don't say you can't do it.. because if you start to beleive you can't.. you never will!! Just keep your mind on your goal :):) x


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Hi Chalack, please keep going. You can do it., and remember your doing this for yourself, and how good your going to feel when it all comes off.
Maybe go up a step for a while, till your feeling emotionally better x


I know what you mean about being an emotional eater - I am exactly the same. If I am having a hard time, I will just go and buy a whole load of chocolate and scoff the lot. I had such a bad day on Friday and I would have done exactly that, even if I was on any other diet, but because of being on CD, I knew it would blow everything if I binged.

It's really really hard, but I think doing this diet has got to help with us learning not to comfort eat. Is there anyone you can turn to for a big hug when you feel like you need to eat? I know when I eat chocolate it's like having a great big hug and I guess now, when I am feeling down, I am going to have to try and find other things that will give me that comfort.

It's so hard, especially if things are not good with your partner, but please try and stick with it. Coming off the diet will only make you feel worse than you already do. I read on someone's signature it said something like "if food isn't the problem, eating isn't the solution". That's been my problem my whole adult life! Anyway, I am rambling now. I just wanted to try and give you some encouragement to stick with it xxx


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Thanks Bunnyg i am gunna stick with it ( well at least try) i get weighed tomoz so im hopin if ive lost a decent amount thats gunna cheer me up abit :) thanks for all your support. x


Stick with it Chalack - you are doing great and things will sort themselves out when the time is right with the OH. As you lose more, your confidence will grow and you will feel stronger for it. xxx
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I read 'If you believe you will fail or believe you'll suceed, you'll be correct' So c'mon girl, believe you'll suceed and you bloody well will!


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HUGGS to you sweetheart, its a shame that you are suffering such stresses whilst trying to improve yourself.
But please remember if physical hunger is not the problem, then food is not the answer!
Be strong, giving in will only make you feel worse. You CAN control this part of your life and will feel so much better for it i can assure you!
Good luck sweetie, i hope things at home improve too........men can be buggers at the best of times

Diane xx
I know how that is too hun, i started a new job two months ago, and i was an ok weight, and i was with a guy for 3 years, had the cheek to dump his kid on me at weekends while he went working away each weekend, and i got a bond with his kid, and when i started my new job, i just had something click in my head, that he was not going to carry on taking me for a mug, so i ended it with him, lost access of his kid, and the hurt really did get to me, and i must have put on stone and half, in 2 months of eating, for comfort, boredom, you name it, it still hurts, but who is going to lose here, him? or you?

I would love to binge, i would so much love to emotional eat, i am a trained chocolatier, i can make fudge, chocolate out of the most basic ingredients, so i know how hard this is for you!

Read a book
Paint your toe nails
listen to music
headphones and listen to paul mckenna
Catalogue browsing
Write him a letter
Ask for his support

The list can go on and on...

Sending you lots of love, positive thoughts! x

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