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I cant do this


One last chance
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Babes, I know it's hard, but just hang in there.

What day are you on?
YES YOU CAN!!! come on!! get in the right frame of mind, this diet does work and you will reap the rewards if you stick to it!!! No one said it was going to be easy, you will have good and bad days but YOU WILL LOOSE LOADS OF WEIGHT!!!! try and think positive and keep telling yourself that you CAN do this!!!!!
Stick with it, everyone on here is in the same boat and we all find it hard but with this site we can do it!!! Good luck hun!!!
Floridagirls rite were all in the same boat,just get on this site wenever ur negative they soon cheer ya up n make ya fink possative x x


Here we go again!
Stick with it, it does get easier. The losses are so great on this and you if you really want to lose weight you know this is the best and quickest way to do it. You can do this, you must think positively.

We are all here for you and all in the same boat so log on whenever you are feeling weak. Sending you lots of positive thoughts.
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look everyone as a bad day and sometimes slips up i do every week ill admit it i do but the next day i back in the zone lol so you can do it stay positive and think of what you WILL look like when you have lost all this weight thats causing you the problems its just a couple of weeks out of your life to reap all the benefits and oh by the way summer is coming how fab will you look when your thin and sexy think about that( i so need to listen to my own advice lol )


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We all feel like that at times. It will get easier. Dont despair. your feelings are normal. Try and stay strong.
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write down the reason u started in the first place and keep reminding yourself why u need to do this................


I will be skinny again!!!
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Hope you are hanging in there and not eating!!

You can do it!

sparkle 63

sparkling:)and hopeful :)
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babe you really can do it i nevr in a million years thought i could stick to this so long in my first week but im now on week 14!! and have lost over 4 st if i can stick to it anyone can the results are amazing and it is soo worth it just try and stay positive and just keep telling yourself I CAN DO THIS dont tell yourself u cant it just makes u think negatively just think thin hun and we are here for u....good luck xxxx


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stick with it it will be well worth it thats wot i keep tellin me self
and when i dont feel like stickin 2 it i just look at how well people on heer have done an it makes me feel better


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ME TOO lol
BUT it will get easier & it will definately be worth it
Hold on tight hun, take each day by day & you will get there
Good luck
S: 13st13lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st2lb(8.21%)
Hi hun,

Hoping you havent give up, but if you have had a bad day and eaten today, dont worry just do damage limitation and start again, now if possible by drinking the water.





Getting thinner everyday!
Sorry to read you're having a hard time.

Keep going. You can do this. We all have really bad days btu you just have to keep going and get through them and the next time you have a bad day, your stronger and more able to deal with it as you've learnt that you can keep going.

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I'm struggling

Just at the start of week 5 and i am soooo hungry tonight. i am not normally like this, have been managing well with no slip ups. Just feel like there's such a long way to go as i'm really overweight, and whilst i have started getting compliments, and clothes are fitting. i'm sooo hungry and i just want to eat.

I know i'll be fine in the morning, as evenings and late afternoons are worse. Does anyone else get this? And does it get better? Help!:cry:


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Mummyx4 YOU CAN DO THIS. If you thought you couldnt you would have just eaten and not come onto here for help. This just shows you that you REALLY want this.

Keep it up it will be so worth it.

Look into my eyes
Look into my eyes
You are strong
You will stick with it.

Please repeat over and over again LOL.


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Aw hun don't fall at the first hurdle, be strong we all knew this wouldn't be easy and there would be some challenges along the way. This is your 1st challenge so stand up give yourself a shake and tell yourself I will do this, I am strong and I want to be slim. Your 1st WI will spur you on honest, and you don't have long to wait for that hun. Good Luck xxx

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