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I cant see a difference


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I can! Your tummy and bottom is definitely smaller! Keep plugging away! X
Yes there is a difference :) I've found this too, I can't see any change at all but others have been complementing me left right and centre!!! I only had 2.5 stone to lose, I've still got 10lbs to go but people didn't start to notice until I'd lost about a stone and a half. I was a size 16 and it was when I started to wear 12's that the comments started.
Also, and I know this is totally wrong, I still don't think I look any different! I must do as the clothes are definitely smaller and definitely fit better but naked I really can't see a difference lol! Others do though so that is okay with me :)
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i think it takes along while for us to notice ourself i still struggle now. i think you notice first in your clothes before you see it then i think seeing it on a photo is last place you see it.
so if you can feel you have lost weight don't worry hun soon enough you will see it. but it does take awhile.

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Defintiely a difference :D

Keep going, you're doing great!! x


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I agree your hips are smoother and less on the tum! Keep at it!


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Thanks for the reassurence guys. I can feel it in my clothes, I just cant see it myself. Im sure that will come in time.


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I'm not really seeing much of a difference in my body shape either. I've lost more than a stone and had a few comments at work (you're love handles don't look as big- thanks a bunch!!) when I get changed before going home I take a look in the full length mirror in my underwear and still manage to look dumpy (and for someone 5ft 10 that is quite an achievement!). I can wait until I have a midriff worth looking at! Here's hoping! Xx

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