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I cant sleep!

Hey jojo
I'm exactly the same, im suffering with insomnia I can't stand it as I got more time to think about food now doh!! I'm on day 26 now n still sufferin. Gunna go get some nytol but approved by gp first. Hope you get some sleep soon xx
I bought some night nurse tablets today two of them will knock me out so 8pm tonight me and puppie and my pablo Escobar book will be in bed!! Hope you sleep too!! There is nothing worse!

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I started LT yesterday and im having the same problem i couldnt get to sleep at all last night, anyone got any solutions?
I find getting to sleep quite easy, but I end up waking up at 2am and then again at 5. I seem to be awake at 7 and can't get back to sleep and I can't really figure out why :{?!


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I'm the same Juju, once i'm awake, i'm awake and can't get back to sleep. 7.45 on a saturday is just plain wrong!
I'm wondering if it is the aspartame in the food replacements? Google aspartame and sleeping to see what i mean.
It is the one thing that puts me off this diet. I have always actively steered away from Aspartame, choosing sweeteners without it in and drinking squash that doesn't contain it. To have to have it as part of this diet is doing my head in :cry:
Lesley - ahh I see now, it's getting very annoying. Pretty much everyday I wake up at just gone 7am. I hope this doesn't last, I'm not getting enough sleep.
Thank you :) x


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Are you drinking more tea/coffee rather than soft drinks.... maybe have your last on earlier.... altough that will mean filling up on water in the eve!!!

I found i was waking a lot.... but to go to the loo.... lol.... i try not to have too much water after about 7/8pm!!!

Hope things settle down!!! x
Deezer- thank you :) I'm the same.. I wake up for the loo, finally get back to sleep but then continue to wake up.
I don't drink tea or coffee, I have been drinking my water quite late so that's most likely the problem x

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