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i can't stop peeing


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well i am halfway through day 2, and i am feeling very chipper, i have had a bit of a headache but i imagine i am starting to go into ketosis. i am drinking the 4 pints of water, i want to try and drink more but just cant manage it at the moment, guess i need to work my way into it. i am drink my water little and often but can't seem to stop needing the loo. has anyone else had this problem?? and does it die down. Tbh though if needing a wee is the only real side effect i get i should be grateful!! fingers crossed. :sick0019:
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For the first 3 days I felt like I was on the loo more than off :rolleyes: but the last couple of days have been better, though I'm still peeing more than ever before lol.
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Hi Kezzerbelle
I'm on my 10th day and am still running to the loo, don't know if it gets better but drinking lots helps you stop feeling hungry.
I'm sure it all gets better with time

Good luck :)
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im in my forth week and still run to the loo lol you put 4 lts in it need to come out sweetie i couldnt do anymore than 4 pints when i started and now im doing 4 litres so you will build yourself up with time but you still piddle piddle and more piddle lmao


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I'm on week 6 and still have to run to the loo!! I suppose what goes in must come out but does it have to be with such urgency cos when I've got to go I've GOT TO GO!!


Slowly but surely!
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Remind you of being pregnant lol It did me, yourll get used to it hun, that the furry tongue and bad breath, lol the joys of LT x


Here we go again!
I'm in week 16 and still weeing loads. I'm up to 4lts a day too and found it hard at first but now it's a challenge to drink that much in a day. Enjoy it though and feel good for it. Don't go loo quite as much as at the start, I think your bladder must expand on LT whilst your stomach shrinks!


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hey, im on day 2 also! i was getting annoyed wit having to leave my desk in work every half hour! i drink about 6 750ml bottles a day plus 750mls with the shakes so its alot too! but you'll get used to it. soon it will feel like normal! haha! (i think)


on the up lol
COMMODE , works every time lols

nah think all get same prob :rolleyes:


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S: 18st8lb C: 13st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 5st1lb(27.31%)
well i am so glad its not just me :D on to day 3 now. and i actually feel really good and positive, i thought i would have been tearing my hair out with hunger and cravings but i'm not. i even cooked hubby dinner last night, and wasn't bothered. i just went and had a soak in the bath while he ate.

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