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I cant stop thinking about food :(

Does your mind ever switch off from the "I want food/something to eat" mode that i am battling with at least 10x a day at the moment?
I have done nearly 3 weeks but i am feeling exhausted from fighting against myself to stop myself eating. I am even dreaming about food and am embarassed to admit i am now a food 'sniffer':cry:and if there is food in the house (my husband is addicted to pizza and so was i) I will actually have to smell it.
I have even started to think about and plan in minute detail what my first meal 'after my diet' will be and it is becoming obsessive.

can anyone offer me help, support or sympathy ? (giggling at my food sniffing is allowed :D)

thanks in advance
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The Diet Guy

All the way through the diet I used to smell it, touch it, buy it, stroke it etc, my take on it was that although I wasn't going to eat it I sure as hell could cuddle it :)

I don't think you are unique anyway and it is tough and of course you psycologically always want food but hopefully at a physical level you aren't actually hungry.

You are just at the point of the diet that people will start to notice and also your clothes will start to become too big and those positives start to outweight the negatives and every day you will get more and more compliments and then you can easily get over the thoughts of food but the thoughts of being slim.

(A fellow food sniffer!)
H i honey,i wonder the same things.I struggle with bingeing and wonder if we ever get over these habits we have.Bloody food rules my life.Good luck honey and keep sniffingxx:)
All that Mike says is fab (as always!)

I used to sniff marmite and vegemite because they were so strong...

Maybe we should have a 'food-sniffers' anonymous group! I'd be in it... :eek:
I always get my OH to breathe over me when he's eating chocolate - oh the smell is lovely! But you know what they say - smelling food doesn't have any calories. I also struggled a bit in week 3 with cravings but now I'm on week 4 they seem to have disappeared so it does get better. I reckon it probably comes and goes in peaks and troughs. Stay strong - you can do it!


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I think about cheese constantly!

However seeing the weight dropping off half a pound a day makes me happier than the thought of eating cheese LOL, and I'll be able to have some cheese n four months time, or something
I've been terrible these last few days. Think it is my visit from the monthly painters fault. I really do!

Its awful. I have even this evening scoured our cupboards & fridge to see what I could eat and my choices were:

Mouldy cheese - my fiance NEVER wraps cheese up for some odd reason!!!

Jiff lemon - from fiance's pancakes t'other day

Red onion

Raw chicken breast

Three cheese pasta sauce

Tartare sauce

Mexican spicy baked beans

He has NOTHING exciting to eat in this house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job really :)

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