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i cant stop trumping!!!

Definitely yes!!! I have been eating scan bran chocolate cake today, should be producing copious amounts of gas any time soon!

I love a good wind/poop thread :giggle:
im on my first green week for a super super long time..

i think iv 'puffed' like a million times this evening.. even my OH is shocked and he's like the puff king!

- how attractive i must sound hahaha


Lover of Extra Easy
Yes, I was really bad so I cut back on hi-fi bars and stopped oats which were the main cause. I also ate 2 activia fat free a day.
I no longer have the problem :)

Margery Dawe

Silver Member
I have to admit to being an excessing 'trumper'!!

My trumping has reduced quite a bit since starting SW and I feel alot less bloated.
my husband thinks its disgusting how much i trump now as i very rarely did before!

going to the loo every day 2, never used to before!

aslong as the weight comes off i dont care!

laura x
yes lol i tooo am a big farter but only if i drink diet coke. and everyone was voting to kick me out of the caravan (when we went away the other week) cause it was so gross. i hadnt realised it was the diet coke tho as i normaly drink water. but as we ate out alot i had diet coke with my meals and was off all night but during the day when i wasnt drinking it i wasnt farting!


doesn't have a witty name
Oh I'm so glad someone posted this--I was just about to! I'm a complete gas-bag on Slimming World. Cauliflowers and peppers are the biggest culprits for me, in fact I'm banned from eating cauliflower because it's so bad. I'm hoping it will ease after a couple of weeks otherwise I'll be thrown out of the house!
I would win prize's for "Trumping"......think I could be a world record holder......not proud of it but would burst if I didn't get shut......my father was disgusted at me the other day when one sneaked out.........my husband is used to it........it's because of all the good food I am eating......what a subject ha ha....glad it's been brought up.....dont feel quite so abnormal.....thanks guys


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