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I can't stop....


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have you tried drinking a couple of pints of water instead - I find it really does help take the edge of that nibbly feeling.


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I am just the same! Cheese, ham, a few of the kids crisps but, whilst its not ideal, I can stop and at least I am not eating the whole packet of crisps!!! :17729:

I actually think I am ready to up my steps, I think my body is craving more food and the 1000 cal plan would be ideal. have you thought about going up a plan?


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Ive not long been on SS+, and as I still have a fair bit to lose, dont want to move up anymore yet.


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Jeeez...I wish i knew the answer.........have been nibbling through the last week. Today I committed to 100% SS, after giving myself a good talking to as I am so fed up of messing around and it feels tough.......have decided to just go to bed if it gets too tough!!

lunar jim

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It has to be said, today has been the worst day so far for wanting to pick. I haven't, but when I was clearing the kids' plates away at dinner time there was a tiny slice of pizza which almost went in my mouth before I'd realised what was happening. It was totally subconscious. But all day, when I've gone to the fridge to get my water I've been confronted with stuff like the kids' ham and their other nick nacks. Luckily there is (was lol) a punnet of strawberries left from yesteday so I grabbed one of those instead.


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Set little mini timescales for yourself. Have a big drink of water and leave it 15 minutes and see if you still feel the same about nibbling. If you can do 15 mins you can do 30 mins then an hour and hopefully it will pass.


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I know how you feel. Since I started SS and my BF moved out I don't have a single thing in my fridge except water and coke zero + tetras (not even milk for guests)! But at the weekend I had a planned eat for a July 4th BBQ I was hosting and brought home meat and Gouda cheese slices. I put all the meat in the freezer to save for when I can eat but knowing the cheese is in the fridge is soooo tempting.

I'm not even hungry, am glugging water and still all I can think about is the cheese. Just had a very emotional chat with my ex too whicg hasn't helped as wanting to 'emotionally eat' now, but know I have to stay strong as it will only make me feel worse if I have some.

It's so hard sometimes :cry:


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Hang in there hon!! It is hard especially when there are things around. but try and leave bottles of water around . so when you get that urge have a drink.. Or cut a bar up into pieces and have it throughout the day when you feel the need to pick!
Your doing great hon hang in there x

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