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I carcked and I dont feel guilty

Ok so last night was day 19 and I went to an Indian wedding with my husband.

I'd never been to one before and did not appreciate how much emphasis is placed on food. Apparently its quite rude to refrain from eating, especially when the grooms parents (who I'd never met) came and escorted me to the buffet table.

So I ate some food.

My god it was amazing! I didnt go OTT but it still felt like I'd eaten a brick!

I didnt feel bad, I accepted that I could have refrained if I wanted but I am a stickler for manners and refuse to come across as rude to complete strangers.

However, this morning I woke up with cramps, I was sweating, felt sick, had indegestion and acid heartburn - everything I used to suffer with on a daily basis.

I'm so bloated and, although I'm sure I haven't, I do feel like I've re-gained the 13lbs I lost.

Thankfully, feeling so unbelievably rough has added to my determination and I have been downing water like there's a drought coming.

At the end of the day I broke the diet, I enjoyed every minute, I've suffered and dealt with it. Done and dusted as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to move on and get this bloody weight off!!
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yes you have it sussed, u had a good night, u enjoyed, now ur for moving on better n stronger than b4. Keep the mental attitude strong n u will get ur reward mate
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firstly, well done for coming on and being truthfull about how you felt about eating and the fact you didnt feel guilty. Although i am harsh and am completly an all or nothing type person atleast you know your not going to do it again because of how bad/ill you feel - how much more weight do you have to lose? x
well done for getting back on it today.

The way I see it is this, when we're back to 'normal' there are going to be times when we over indulge or eat crappy foods. It's the way we deal with it that will teach us how to keep the weight off. If everytime i'd binged or eaten badly in my previous life I'd hit the water and worked on being healthier to balance it out, I'd never have needed LT. So this has been a good learning experience and it's good that you're not beating yourself up because that's a downward spiral that is!



Back on the diet train...
well done for stayin on the plan hun. good luck
Hi Weenie

Mmmmmm, lovely Indian food.....( :slap:...snap out of it Cee!!)
I would have done exactly the same, it would have been bad manners not to accept the wonderful hospitality provided at an Indian Wedding...was it good fun? I'd love to attend one they say they are amazing.
I would say you are exactly in the right frame of mind, its the mind set to keep when we eventually return to the 'real world' and have to 'eat' again.
I was off LT for a month during the holiday time and still managed to lose 5lbs keeping the LT format in mind ( ie; we don't need vast amounts of food to sustain us, and feel better on less fat and sugar )
Good luck with yor continued journey ;)
Thanks everyone.

I was so ill all weekend and am only starting to feel better now. Yesterday the bloat was so bad that I wouldn't wear certain clothes and I looked swollen in my face and everything.

Yesterday and Today I have been drinking loads of water and sticking to the plan 100% and I am starting to believe that maybe I haven't undone all my hard work (not that I'm looking to eat again). I'm thinking positive and actually think I might have managed a loss this week.

Weigh in tomorrow afternoon so I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again guys - amazing support xx