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I cheated!!! only a little.. but help...!!!!


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how do u know if youve come out of ketosis?.. Im doing well but in week 5 now and struggled this week to drink more than a litre a day... and also my mum made pasta and I sneakily eat 4 little penne bits.. only small but have I done something bad? I have the ketosis stix but I thought that just showed if ur dehydrated?... so... how do you know if your in or out of ketosis?
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If the sticks are neg that shows you are not in ketosis. the first colour on the stick is neg anywhere else and you are in ketosis. I doubt u did much damage with that. check in the morning hun and drink plenty of water ;)


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S: 21st0lb G: 12st13lb
Damm.. I just did it and I am the first one on the strip!!! meaning Im out of ketosis!... cant beleive it.. what can I do?
Dont panic.

Firstly you do need to flush it out using water.

Secondly, you need to establish why you cheated....that way you wont do it again. I think you are like me... habits!! I used to pick at the food that was being cooked - simple answer is to get out of the kitchen.

Dont feel down, 4 penne will not hurt too much, You are probably showing negative ketones cos you have drank a lot of water today. Repport back in the morning hun!

Leah xx
thats only because you have drank water today water will dilute the result even if still in ketosis u get me? god hope im not confusing you? thats why the best time to check is first thing in the morning when you have no water drank! so do it in the morn and test let us know how u go.you cant do anything about it if it is neg just continue on and drink water ;)


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S: 21st0lb G: 12st13lb
lol... Oh right! I think I understand.. do u mean that I coud still be in Ketosis but because its late etc it might not be an accurate reading?.... bit confused

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