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I'm going to be slim
:mad:I can't believe i did it......I cooked a cheese flan last night and couldn't leave it alone until I had eaten a quarter of it I am so gutted with myself but last week I only lost 2lbs without cheating and I've been thinking more about food all week since then 1 of the others in my group ate & lost 2lbs so the child in me has been telling me to eat for days & I just gave in to it I just hope that was just a blip and not the beginning of the end I am so gutted please let this be a warning to all those who think they might DON'T DO IT it just makes you feel bad
I have never felt hungry it was just MEEEEEEEE GRRRRRR
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Put this straight behind you and drink plenty of water, whatever you do dont get on the slippery slope of you have done some damage so more wont hurt, it will and you will feel even worse.

So get drinking the water and get back on the wagon


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Oh deary. Don't allow one cheat to ruin it all. Just step away from it maybe go for a long long walk. And relook at your goals and why you started.
Sorry to hear this happened. and as you know we are right here for the next time you get an urge to do something naughty :)
I agree with the others. You've done it now so put it behind you. Don't dwell on it or beat yourself up about it.
Go and find something to occupy yourself that takes you well away from the kitchen.

Above all be kind to yourself, we're only human. :)


I'm going to be slim
Thanks for your encouraging words I am back on track today & as the day's going on I'm feeling more positive
Hi RC - you've had some good advice there, as everyone has said put this behind you and get straight back on the diet. Do yourself a favour though and don't compare your losses to other peoples, just concentrate on yours - sometimes yours will be higher and other times they'll be lower you just have to be happy and positive about them and don't let it get you down.

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