I cheated

Yummy Mummy xx

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I had some toast this morning and feel awful!! :eek: :sigh: :mad: :cry:

I'm on day 6.. kicking myself!! I'm pretending to do slimming world with my mum and so she talks about food all the time and I just cracked this morning :cry:

Soooo annoyed with myself, :mad: but still guna put it behind me and get on!!

Just needed to talk to people in same situation xx
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Hi yummy mummy,

I know how dissapointed you must feel, i have been there myself :(

It's done now, and you cant go back and change it, so stop worrying and just focus on ss'ing again, dont go back to day 1 tomorrow, still count today as day 6, and just brush that little indescretion under the carpet ;)

You'll be fine



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I had take away food on Sunday night. Was at the end of day 5 and i'd previously stuck to it 100%.
Didn't feel guilty, guilt is an unhelpful emotion in this sense.

Just carry on the day SS'ing and i'm sure it won't have made too much damage. Drink loads of water to flush it out and stay postitive.

I had put on almost 2lb just with eating that but dropped it by this morning. I will still have a weight loss this week although it will be smaller than it should have been.

Don't worry about it hun, just don't let it happen again.
At least that's my motto!!!



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What's done is done but you do need to really get your head in the right place, if you are going to do Cambridge then it is fantastic but if you nibble on it then it can become a very hard experience, therefore if you want to eat then maybe slimming world is a better choice for you?

I promise you that beating yourself up doesn nothing so take pride in the fact you want to be slim and then go find the diet that suits you best to do that.



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oh naughty naughty :nono: look its done now so best thing to do is just forget about it and keep going with your shakes, it wasnt as if you went then and ate more and more it was only a wee bit. not saying its ok but im sure you will still have a good loss at wi :) dont beat yourself up :hug99: xx


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Dont feel bad about eating, we are only sabotaging ourself when we do that and make the journey harder on ourselves( I have eaten much worse than toast), but why cant you be honest with your mum about your choice? Imagine how she will feel if you lose a stone and she loses 5lb, would it not dishearten her. I know a lot of people try to discourage VLCD, but you are an adult and make your own choices. Sorry I dont mean to sound harsh, just thought possibly you could still encourage each other but choose your own way?????

Yummy Mummy xx

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Thank you all for your help and support... I have told her today that I will be starting CD so now she'll know so hopefully she wont talk about food all the time!!

Thank you x


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That should be a big help. Well done and keep up the good work.:)


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Hi there, I think everyone else has said all that need's to be said. I just wanted to add a good luck, and a give a reminder we are all human and these thing's happen. You can get back on track and still have great loses! AMx