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I defected...

Hello lovely people,

I have not been around in ages, and I missed this place. Hope you are all well.

Since June I stuck with Atkins and lost a few pounds and then stopped losing altogether. Meh...
I decided to defect to GoLower since it's basically Atkins but cooked for me. I still do firmly believe in the Low Carb way of life. I don't really crave anything but I suppose I find it difficult to control my portions with all of this nommy protein goodness and so overeat?

Made the call this morning and will get my box tomorrow. Can't wait :)

May I still stay in the Atkins section? I would hate to have to leave this part of the forum:cry:, everyone is so nice and well, we will still be eating the same stuff.
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Silver Member
Of course you can stay here. I wondered where you had gone. Welcome back :D:D

It was Hannah Sutter's book 'Big Fat Lies' that first got me into LC. Good luck on her GoLower :)
Cinta, thank you ;)
How are you doing?
I have not read her book, worth me buying or is it mostly aimed at people who have not yet seen the light :D so to speak?

Bren :D:D
Thanks, the avatar is pretty neat isn't it? Love Patrick Stewart and Picard!

hi Jim :)

Thank you all for the welcome back messages. Glad to hear I can stick around.


Silver Member
Ooooh, it's so worth reading. After years of calorie counting & struggling it was like a light bulb switching on! Especially all the money from unilever & drugs companies telling us what to eat! I'm a bit evangelical about it, but I can't help it. I got it from Amazon. Read it, read it, read it. lol x

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