I did it, I went back to class tonight!!!!


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Hi everyone

Just to let you know I went back to class tonight, originally started a couple of weeks ago but had one family crisis after another. Anyway took the plunge went back to class tonight 6.5 lbs heavier but tomorrow is another day and i'll be back on the plan.

I'm hoping to get loads of support on here as i've been logging on loads and seen the enthusiasm that some of you put in to help everyone.

Anyway nice to meet you all.

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Well done Bev! The first step is the hardest so they say. You will get loads of support here on Minis, it is great! Good luck for your first week xx


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And it's all downhill from here.. the weight numbers that is. Well done you for going back to class!!


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Hi Bev,

Well done on going back to class, it's always daunting "going back" x


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well done bev, for going back first of all, thats how i stopped last time, as i was so stupid and couldnt face to go back, so well done you


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well done hun, thats the hardest step taken!
good luck for your first losses, that'll inspire you again...


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Congrats for going back to class. It will all be worth it at WI next week.:)

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Welcome back to the fold!!!

Good luck with your journey and let us know how you get on!



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Well done on getting back to class!! It's always hard when you know you've prob gained a little! The worst bit is out of the way now though, and that little gain will be gone in no time atall!! x