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I DID IT !!!!!


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I did it .....
for the last few weeks I have been trying to find somewhere to get it done ..

I went and got my ear pierced ..at the top part ..
dunno why i wanted it done -
my sister says im having a mid-life crisis !!!!!
I dont think i am -
No im sure i am not LOL
I just got the idea in my head and just wanted it done
so I went and had it done !!
got a lovely crystal stud in, I was a bit panicky -thought it might hurt -
but nope it didnt hurt at all -when she released the trigger !!!!!!
It just 'smarted ' a little bit afterwards. But now its fine dont even know I have had it done ..
and I am so happy with it aswell :) :D

I think I am going through a stage where I want things that I couldn't - no thats the wrong word ...
Too embarrased to have done in the past.
I have been walking around shops and looking at all the lovely 'slim' clothes
and talking to the clothes and saying ''soon, I will have you''.
Lingerie and bras - OMG- I am so fed up with wearing great big 'Doreen' style bras(if any of you have Ambrose Wilson you'll know what I mean ).
I want just 1 of those lacy bras .......Please !!!
I feel thinner ,although I am still fat- IYKWIM.
If I feel like this now after only losing just over 2 stone ,
what the hell am I gonna feel like when I get to my target of about 12 stone ?
thats what !!
OMG... Am I going mental or is this normal to feel like this ??
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Quite normal babe, I've only lost a bit but my style has changed. I cant have my ear pierced at top used to have my tongue pierced though x


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good for you!! I'm excited for you..

Doreen bras are hilarious! It feels better getting slimmer that eating a chocolate bar doesn't it?

Mrs V

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Well done for your positivity Huni and long may it continue!!!
No, you are not having a midlife crisis, you are finally starting to like yourself and want to make more of an effort for YOU.


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LOL - love your post!

its made me want to rediscover my top ear piercing! I haven't put a stud in it for years!

I find losing weight deffo changes everything. I love shopping now, whereas before i hated - absolutely hated it!

beware about the bras though - i lost 2stone 10lb and managed to go UP a cup size! Though my back size went down..yay!

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I had mine done years ago and still have it in now, I am a nan to 3!!!! I remember all to well having it done, and you are right it does'nt hurt, I just hope you don't have the same problems at bedtime that I had for about a week later!!!!!

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