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I didn't binge!!!!!!

I know that's a weird title, especially as I ate half a pack of after eights this morning, but for the last 2 years, I binge every second saturday. Its a weird emotional thing because my kids are with their dad and I'm still struggling to deal with it all and I feel a bit lost.

Usually I'm on a diet of some kind, and I always end up eating something I shouldn't, then having a full on pig out and feeling really really bad about myself.

Today I was craving and ended up eating half the pack of after eights, but because I wasn't actually hungry, it was much easier just to put them aside and not carry on. Also, because on SW you can eat what you like of free food without having to count etc, I can still eat today (rather than thinkng sod it I don't want to starve the rest of the day).

So maybe I'll make up my 40 syns over the rest of the week or maybe I won't, but I do know that the damage done to my weight loss is a LOT less than if I'd had a full on blow out.

So thank you SW! I know this might sound completely weird, but to me, its a huge turning point.:D
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Well done MrsRobinson, feels great doesn't it to know you resisted, I did the same last night, had parents round for a meal, did a SW curry but also garlic bread, where as before I would have eaten half a baguette I only had one slice, and was really pleased with myself for doing so.

Keep up the good work ;)


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Well done Mrs R!!
This is half the problem with other diets, we're hungry, have something we're not allowed and then feel so guilty about the fact we've messed up we carry on going with the junk!! I personally think breaking this cycle of depriving yourself, eating what you shouldn't and then feeling guilty is key in getting to target!! So well done you!!! You know now you CAN have a little of what you fancy and stop!! WHOOP WHOOP!!
You're doing so well Rayven. I wish I'd known about this when I was pregnant! I put on 4 stone (and I wasn't titchy to begin with). I lost loads on WW when I was breastfeeding - WW when you're breastfeeding is a bit like slimming world, I guess, because you have so many extra points you can eat what you like, particularly if its healthy. But as soon as I stopped breastfeeding I put it all back on - the points dropped drastically and I felt deprived, started a binge diet cycle.

At the time I knew someone doing SW, but thought all the red and green days sounded really faddy, and that WW was much more balanced. Oh how different the reality! Both of them are just ways of controlling your calorie intake, just WW doesn't suit me as well psychologically because it made me about count and obsess and feel restricted.

I'm only on day 4 but long may this last! I must remember to look back at these posts when I'm feeling demotivated.
well done for not carrying on, and recognising hunger over need and choosing not to give in. That is tremendous willpower - wish I could claim the same at the moment! I am having a mare of a weekend! :)



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You're doing so well Rayven. I wish I'd known about this when I was pregnant!
Awww thankyou hun! I HAD to do something though. With my first i put on about four stone, i then started at an obviously higher weight with my second and in the space of two babies i found myself having gone from 12 and a half stone up to seventeen stone!!! I fell pregnant with Oliver at the ripe old weight of 17 stone 5 - and had him when i was nearly twenty!! Lost quite a bit after he was born but life got in the way (as per usual) and am now preggers with the forth (and FINAL i might add! lol) I weigh less now at 35 weeks pregnant than i did when i was 12 weeks pregnant with him and i have to say i feel better than i have done in ages on this diet! Everyone says you shouldn't lose weight whilst pregnant but this is the healthiest my diet has been in a very long time and if i get to give all of this food to bubs AND get to lose a few pounds 'before' he's born then I'm not going to complain!!

You may have figured, i ramble a LOT!!! lol Sorry for taking over your post hun. You've done so well today - realising you can have some of the so called 'naughty' things but it doesn't have to spoil your day or week is a fab milestone!! Keep with it hun - it only gets easier! xxxx
Your post doesn't sound at all weird to me, I totally understand what you mean. Hopefully you have broken that cycle now. Long may it continue. You should feel really proud that you haven't let it spoil the rest of your week.
Good luck! x
Oh I feel all warm and fuzzy - what nice people you are! I do feel good. I did 3 miles on the treadmill and had a baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn and FF creme fraiche for tea, and a peach and cherries for pudding. So back on track.

Nattyclare, I hope you find your mojo again very soon. Weekends are hard. In fact, I find any change of routine hard!

Rayven - witter on, I'm finding it very interesting. Have you got a diary somewhere? I haven't started one but might do because I'd like to remember these feelings when the going gets tough. Four!!!! WOW!!! I've got two little uns (4 & 6) and thats hard work.


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I've got two little uns (4 & 6) and thats hard work.
Believe me, some days i wonder why I've had so many!! lol
Love em to bits but its the summer hols now - the two girls (aged 8 and nearly 7) are off school for 6 and a half weeks, Oliver is two in December and into absolutely EVERYTHING (his fav thing at the moment is taking anything he can lay his hands on and throwing it into the garden - at least its not in the bin anymore though! lol) and this one is due on the 1st of September!!! When i say it like that it does sound as if i've got my hands full doesn't it!? I always knew i was mad though - i think i've just confirmed it!

I do have a blog on here but only started it in the last week so its not too interesting yet - and have a food diary but i've only just started that too - speaking of which i better go and list my food for today before i forget. Well done for getting back on track. (and i 'actually' miss the treadmill and going to the gym - never thought i'd hear myself say that either!)
Funny isn't it, I actually like exercise but on previous diets, particularly where I could count up how much exercise I'd done and eat more because of it I wasn't really exercising for the right reasons and I tended to over do it. I love that on SW you should exercise but you can't eat any more syns if you do, which is the way it should be, because I shouldn't exercise just to eat more cr*p! And it stops me getting obsessed with the numbers.

I can't believe you're losing weight this far into the pregnancy, its brilliant - just wait till baby pops out, you'll lose a stack!

Oh and summer holidays. Determined to be more active and take them swimming, walking etc. Wear them out as well as me!


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I can't believe you're losing weight this far into the pregnancy, its brilliant - just wait till baby pops out, you'll lose a stack!

Oh and summer holidays. Determined to be more active and take them swimming, walking etc. Wear them out as well as me!

Giving birth - the best diet EVER! :p lol

The girls keep bugging me to take them out (they're only in their first week off) but i'm suffering with spd in this pregnancy so am in quite a lot of pain most of the time. :( Have promised to do something absolutely FABULOUS with them soon though - although i haven't quite worked out what yet. :eek: Am attempting to be a heavily pregnant domestic goddess and all round super Mum but i'm just too exhausted! Oh well, conquering the world will have to wait until baby has popped out! ;)

And i know what you mean about the exercise. Before i had kids (many moons ago - OMG i sound so old!! :cry:) i used to try and burn everything off at the gym. Thank God Slimming World doesn't work that way - I think its quite easy to become obsessed with weighing, and how much you're allowed to eat if you do an extra x minutes exercise...........
Mrs Robinson, oh my gosh I am so proud of you.. that's a HUGE achievement!! I hope you feel absolutely fabulous, because that's what you are! Well done!!! :)

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X


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Well Done Mrs R!!!! xxx


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well done mrs Robinson, you did really well to stop eating when you did:) im an emotional eater too and strangely enough my binge attacks usually happen when my 2 girls are away to their dads to stay so i know exactly where your coming from ((hugs))

i didnt do all that well in my first 2 weeks due to not being able to control my chocolate treats where i would save syns for a kitkat at night but end up eating 3:eek: and totally blowing my syns count for the day:( so this week ive not bought any chocolate at all so it takes away the option to binge if its not here lol

anyway big hugs to you for doing so well xx
Oh its so true - if its not in the house, you can't eat it!

I do love the time without my girls, but I've got into this habit of only really letting myself have chill time if I'm eating when they're not here. So I eat non stop, and usually cr*p. How silly is that! I know I use it to block a lot of emotions that i need to face up to. Baby steps...

Thank you for your support and understanding x


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aww thanks for my rep ((hugs))

before i started sw i would drop the girls off at their dads and watch them going into my old house where the girlfriend now lives:mad: and go straight to the shop to buy 2 massive bars of galaxy chocolate and a big bag of crisps then go home and eat it all:eek: im discusted to think of it now although its still early days and i am still tempted but have managed to resist so far, but im joined curves and plan to do that on my way home on tuesday and friday nights then again on sat mornings so im hoping to change the cycle.

sorry for the ramble but hopefully we can support each other and have great weight losses each week. xx
Supporting each other sounds great - I've just visited your diary, I'm going to start one tomorrow, so visit me there! My babes are off for a week with their dad 2nd week of August. Normally I go away which makes it easier but don't have anything planned this time which might make it tricky...

I totally understand where you're coming from with the chocolate. Its a bummer that it has to appear on our bodies though!


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Wow When was the last time you felt that much in control of your life. This is more than just about food, this is a huge emotional step in acceptance and moving forward. Remeber today and how it feels so you can relive that momnet when you are feeling low again. Well done. What an achievement !!! xxxxx