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I didn't just fall off the wagon..


From Piglet to Twiglet
I did a magnificent swan dive with a triple back flip.

I don't know what went wrong. I was happy, unstressed, chilled, everything was great with the world. I'd just had a great new haircut, been for a long walk, made chocolate crispies with the kids earlier. My period is due tomorrow...

Suddenly, 7pm, awful hunger pangs. I bravely fought them off for an hour. Then I thought - eat something sensible. Three slices of ham. Then a tin of sardines (in brine). That exhausted the supply of no-carb food that didn't have to be cooked first.

So I ate six Exante bars, chased with a glass of lime juice. Yep, you read it right. I haven't had a binge like that in years and years. It actually hurt towards the end, but in a rare display of willpower, I managed to keep going.

This means I have scoffed 2,000 calories - but probably around 200g of carbohydrate. I guess this means I have 'carb-loaded' and will be full of glycogen and accompanying heavy water.

Short of running a marathon - what will I do to get rid? Also am wondering if I should maybe do 4 packs of Exante a day. If I'd had a bowl of nasty Tomato soup, it might have staved the hunger pangs enough.

Ah well (at least my new haircut looks nice)
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tomorro is a new day! if you let it haunt you, you will struggle to get over it! its done now and cant change it but you can try not do any more carb damage,

im so sorry but this post made me chuckle, the humour in the writing and how it reminds me of me, sometimes i just cant stop! maybe you could try the 4th pack for emergency times, either way gotta be better than 6bars

hope it all turns out ok


From Piglet to Twiglet
thanks Blondie - it's good to know I'm not alone in these things! I'm trying to focus on how well I've done so far. (I'm debating whether to 'fess up to hubbie - he and my 10 year old have just been on a 15 mile bike ride, so he's sure to be super-smug. I might just sit quietly drinking some fizzy water and say nowt!)


Get through each day.
Made me laugh too (not at you!)...just because that is so me when i get going. It's like i become overpowered by the binge monster and just keep going and going and going and going.....Tomorrow is a new day, happens to everyone...get back on it tomorrow! It will be me saying I've done the same thing soon. Think I'll have to go to bed soon as the crisps in the cupboard (the kids ones!) are calling my name very loudly.
im naughty and would keep quiet, but then again im rubbish cos i would fall off the wagon completely, and would get busted with my head in the crisp cupboard, legs wagging!

it can be our little secret though, we wont tell hubby, and u can smile smugly with him... what he doesnt know wont hurt him (as long as u can get back on wagon, and dont need a kick up the bum from him)


From Piglet to Twiglet
rofl - brilliant image of you in the crisp cupboard with your legs waggling. I think I will have to tell him because he will help me back onto the straight and narrow (he has given up the ciggies, so I would do the same for him!) Thanks Blondie, you've really helped! Let me know if I can return the favour ever
Aww hun tmorrow is a new day. Dont stress too much, do what is right for you, if that is 4 packs a day then so be it.

I get bloated with one exante bar so couldnt imagine eating six of them ouch! lol


Amusing Title.
another thing i would add other than chin up! is maybe the bars will be a trigger for you and getting them out in favour of soups/shakes may be wise.
my pleasure, its so difficult, and if it helps you tell him, my oh is brill too and he'd talk me round, sometimes its just what you need to make you think 'do you know what, i can do this, and im not on my own'

u might not be able to look at another exante bar the same for a while though.... bring on the sunday shakes!

good luck xx


Rebel without a calorie
Oh dear! I pity you tomorrow after all those bars as they can have a laxative effect!! At least they'll be out of your system tho lol.
Just get back on it tomorrow and chalk this one up to experience :)


Gold Member
jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez and you lived to tell the tale?????????????
impressed, no idea how you managed to do 6 bars but what astounds me is the lime juice - yuckkkkkkkk
Bren xxxx


From Piglet to Twiglet
Hello ladies and thanks for the pressie Lisa, but so far unnecessary (says old steel guts!). But omg what a night - my stomach didn't stop aching until after I went for a two-hour hike this morning. Do you know what the worst thing was - I couldn't sleep, so I was up until 4am (should have gone nightclubbing - could have danced off those bars). I have learned a very valuable lesson. If hunger strikes, have some soup - and then get out of the house! I feel okay today and once I'm back in ketosis again, should be easier...


Grumpy Old Git
6 bars in one go......:eek:

That's impressive bingeing....:break_diet:

Now if anyone can admit to eating 2 or more tomato & basil soups in one sitting then I will be impressed..:p


From Piglet to Twiglet
Thanks everyone. Oh dear, well I may as well come clean. I just didn't get back on the wagon and went back to normal food. I gained about three lbs overall, but I went shopping on Thursday and bought lots of Atkins food and by today I have lost the 3lbs (water/glycogen I expect) and am back in ketosis. I'm really delighted at the weight I've lost with TFR, but I think for me personally, I'm developing some eating behaviour that I'd rather not, so I'm going to try and stick with Atkins for a while and see how I get along. Thanks for all your support - and best of luck with your weight loss everyone.
oh hunni I feel for you, as a person who has done a bing many of time in my life please try and forget about it, when you wake up tomorrow its finished done, start again, otherwise it will bring you down for a whole week

chin up love xx
Welcome to the wonderful world of Atkins and well done for getting back into ketosis. I am still quite new to this and am doing maintenance but if I can help at all with anything just ask, if I don't know, one of the other extremely helpful folks will know I am sure!
Bren xx

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