i dont exercise

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  1. jules_1000

    jules_1000 Full Member

    hi gus..i dont exercise n my l diet, i am not sure if i should. i just feel siting around n doing my normal things is not making loose weight.
    its been 1 week and 2 days...i know i lost 5 pounds but i feel really fat still
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  3. Sara4

    Sara4 Gold Member

    Exercise if you feel up to it! If you are weak or dizzy then don't! Listen to your body!
  4. hey,

    I didnt feel any different until about week 3, so dont worry if you dont feel much different now.

    You dont have to exercise to loose weight on LT, so just know that even if you are sitting around doing normal things the fat is still dissolving!

    I never exercised before I started LT, but I have started now, and I am really enjoying it. I am using my time on LT is form new positive habits so that when I go back to normal eating I will have a much better chance of maintaing my new slim figure and healthy lifestyle.

    You are early days in your LT journey, so just do what feels right for you, no one can really tell you, just listen to your own body and mind.

  5. jules_1000

    jules_1000 Full Member

    im not dizzy...i am just a little weak coz i have been bleeding al week...
  6. oh yeah... well just wait to feel full of energy and then start to exercise... wouldnt worry about it now! Just take it easy and relax and get yourself feeling good again pet xox
  7. jules_1000

    jules_1000 Full Member

    thank you...i will wait a little longer...once my body feels stronger and the periods stops....
  8. get well soon!

    Im sure you will be feeling just grand in a day or so! xoxox
  9. nictastic

    nictastic Says it as it is!!!

    You dont have to exercise to lose weight on LT ...but you will need to exercise to tone up and should really get in to the habit of exercising for after LT ...its a whole lifestyle change and exercise warns of many dieases. Along with healthy eating post LT you will be healthier, fitter and look amazing!!!!
    As futures bright says do what you feel you can and then work it into a lifestyle routine. I find the gym hard to fit in to my life so i try walking alot and doing various exercises at home at night when the horras are in bed x
    Exercise is also good for the mind ... releasing endurphins sp? which make you feel great (obviously after a few sessions xx)
  10. jules_1000

    jules_1000 Full Member

    thanks nic. that was very nice and encouraging. i will start at home first...and build it up so i do stay in shape afterward
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