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I don't know how long it will take, but the journey is starting


Trying Hard!
HI everyone
I was here a few years ago when I managed to loose a good wack of weight. I have put some back on but kept most off but still need to lose half my body weight. I really mean it this time and would love to journey with anyone who is doing the same, I know that support is EVERYTHING!
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From Fat to Fab!
Heya, Congrats on keeping some of it off! Good luck with the new plan, youve done amazing in the past and im sure you can rock it again :D


size 14 here I come
Hi hun, good luck with your journey, I weighed more than you when I started in Jan and so far 4.5 stones down hoping for the same again for the remainder of the year :D I was really considering surgery too but I am doing great on my own so far. wishing you loads of luck :) x
Hi Emma,

I remember you from here and the Cambridge forum, when I was more of a lurker that a poster, and you were a massive inspiration for me - even though it has taken me this long to get my butt in gear.

Best of luck to you this time around.

Sharon xx
Hi Emma - you've done amazling well to keep off 4.5 stone. I'm sure you'll do really well again. The support on here is fab. Good luck with your new life


Trying Hard!
hi girls thanks for the welcome back, it's so nice to have people to journey with.

I'm coming to the end of day 2 and it's OK so far, no hunger today and I'm learning how to drink the shakes FAST!! I am so nervous for the first weigh in and just hope it gives me the boost I need to keep on going through week 2 (which I always find hardest)


Silver Member
:) Hi Emma - remember me!

We used to be here together a few years ago it's so good to see you.

As you can see I am back too and I need also to lose quite bit :D again!

But I mean it this time ....

I am sure we can help each other out again like we used to along with the rest of these lovely ladies who are all doing so well .. we know it can be done just need to knuckle under

Are you doing a new kind of diet? I havent heard of the Tony Ferguson diet. Perhaps it hasnt hit Scotland yet. I thought about going back to the Cambridge because I know how fantastic it is but I just couldn't face not eating this time so Im giving SW a chance and so far loving it.

:) So good to see you again, cant get over it girl!

:D OMG the wee one is getting so big she is beautiful .
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Trying Hard!
Hey, it's fab to see so many familiar faces.
I've just had my week 1 weigh in and I've lost 11lbs!!! I'm stoked and really really motivated now.

Tony Ferguson is an australian mix of shakes and food and is done through Boots across the country. I am finding it by far the easiest diet I have done so far, better than Cambridge because theres food every day, and better than ww or sw for me because it's controlled for me.

what I know though, is it's horses for courses, and this is my course and it's just one way - downhill to a healthy weight!
well done you thats a fantastic loss x


Trying Hard!
feeling really positive after a call from a TF consulant who was excited and helpful. this feels so right this time and I've put in place so many different support mechanisms and systems that I know it will work.
That's a fab weight loss - well done. You've obviously found a plan that suits you. Good luck with your journey.
Meltdown- tell ya something, you calorie counting lot are really putting me to shame!! Amazing weight loss, well done. x


Trying Hard!
I've done my weekly wednesday measuring today and here are the results:

waist: lost 2"
bust: lost 3" hips: lost 4"
amazing, in just 10 days, that's a dress size right?
This rainy weather is putting me in a bit of a funk today, not wanting to eat lovely salads when it's like this, but mediterranean veg for lunch with smoked salmon helps a lot :)


Trying Hard!
well it's the end of the weekend and I have stuck with it again despite lots of craziness with courses and friends etc. I had a great experience this afternoon, sat at a bench and realised there was space between me and the table - that's been a LONG time!!


Trying Hard!
Week 2 weigh in and it's fab news

another 5lbs lost
16lbs lost in 2 weeks

TF rocks!!!


Trying Hard!
thanks Sharon, seeing your signature always keeps me spurred on xxx


size 14 here I come
well done thats fab!! :)

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