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i dont know what to do!!

I have been messing round trying to lose weight for ever, I did ss got down to the weight i wanted then piled it back on and some more i did sw for a week lost 5 pounds then gave up i have kcal counted and done ww and not lost a jot I hate having to weigh and count everything but i get so desdpondant when I dont loose! I have to get this weight off for myself my family and my future. I know you are all probably biased towards ww but do you think this is the best plan for me as I found I use to use my points for rubbish?! any advice welcome p.s 5 stone to lose xx
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Hi Katie
I did WW a few years ago and lost 3 1/2 stone and have gradually put it back on again (and a bit more, as we all seem to do). Every year at this time I go back to WW with varying degrees of success. The last time I went was last year, and by June had lost about half stone so was really down, stpped going and then piled on a bit more. I decided this year to try CD and am currently SS'ing. I have found that because I know I can't eat food then I am less tempted than being able to eat food and try not to eat bad stuff (if that makes sense). For me to diet I need to be 100% committed in my head and thats been the problem for me when I tried last year.

If you do WW you should be able to lose weight even if you eat rubbish IF you stick to your points, but it needs to be about changing your way of eating thats the most important thing. I'm hoping that by doing CD and introducing things back a bit at a time I can reprogram my head into realising I don;t need to eat all the choc etc I was having as I will have lived without it for so long. Its all about having things in moderation, so I think whichever route you go down I wish you all the best of luck with it.
Thanks for that I cant do CD again I could not manage it both financially and mentally! I just want some thing I can stick to with a good average weight loss why is it so hard???


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Its so hard cos we all like food so much!!! If you make sure you drink loads and get on here as much as you can to take your mind off food that helps. If you can be 100% committed to WW in the first week and get a decent loss then hopefully it will spur you on and hep keep you motivated.

A few of my friends have lost weight just by cutting out eating between meakls and taking more exercise. I like my comfort food so try and eat stuff that I like but is a bit lower in points. I always found on WW the small bags of maltesers a godsend, as I would suck each one and they lasted for ages, and I used to get my choc fix too. When I first started though, I used to go to the shop after each weigh in and get a bag of malteasers as a treat, and thats the only choc I would have all week. I think then I was so much more committed to it, and thats the key , getting your head focused. I also had a friend doing SW at the same time so there was a bit of friendly rivalry going on. Maybe you could find soe more people on here just starting out and buddy up with them and track your losses together???
core diet?

have you looked into weightwatchers core ??- list of foods ( all lovely and good for you) from which you can eat 3 meals a day - no pointing or weighing required and then you get 21 pts a week for foods/drinks outside the list.

The core list is very comprehensive and you could eat quite happily from that for 3 meals and then you would only use 21 a week on the crap! x
Hi there

If you do stick to WW you WILL lose weight, if you look around some of the food diaries on here youll see most of us do eat snacks etc quite regularly.

I think WW is a great way to lose weight :) Ive also found that as time has gone on Ive totally changed the way I look at food & the choices I make. I can no longer stomach a lot of the fatty foods I used to eat & I go for healthy options now without thinking about it :) I think its a great way to re-educate yourseld food wise.

Theres no easy fix to a weight problem, every diet requires some form of work or sacrifice but the results are totally worth it :)


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You need to get your head in the right place. If it's not, it doesn't matter what plan you try.

Have a good long think, write down what you want to achieve, what time scale would be acceptable. then write down what will happen if you don't do it. How you'll feel, empower yourself with the knowledge that the future is your decision, it can be any way you want it to be. You have to decided, you have to want it badly enough and you have to find a plan that will help you get it.

For me it is cal counting. I'm doing it kind of flexibly so I have higher and lower days ( try to fool the old metabolism as much as poss). I have had days as low as 1000 and today, as it is saturday, I am allowing 1800. On days when i haven't eaten up to my limit I have banked the spare calories in a float. This weeks float stands at 420, so if I want to or need to I can have 2220 cals and still be within my weekly limit.
It's just a mechanism to take the pressure off, but boy does it work. I expect to lose a steady 2lbs a week, not the highs of CD (which i've never done) but consistent and achieveable. By the first of March I will be a stone or more lighter than I was on the first of Jan, that does it for me.

I feel for you; I know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now. I also know that you will be happier when you have made a decison and got a plan rolling.

Only you can do this for you.



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Have you tried going to the Dr's and asking for help? You sound just like me up until the end of November when I got fed up faffing about with different diet programs and asked my GP for reductil. In spite of my thread tonight - I've found it very liberating. It helps take away cravings that you'd get for rubbish and also helps you feel more satisifed with less food.

Worth thinking about if you need a little shove in the right direction.
Thanks for all the advice im going to start my own journal and see if i can do this once and for all the only problems I have with losing weight are the ones in my head!!! xx

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