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I don't know what to do !


I need some help. I have zero motivation and just cant get my head into the right place to get myself on track with eating the right things at the right time.

I want to get back onto the SW plan but I seem to sabotage myself every day.

Any tips/advice ladies/gents.......

CC x
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Well there must be something inside you stopping or sabotaging you.

I know when I started I wasnt full of motivation like I had been in the past, because I seem to go full steam ahead and then fail.

This time I came into on an entirely different plane, if I can just kurb my overeating, lose a bit of weight at the same time I would be happy. I have set myself a target of 1lb a week, which I know isnt much, but I seem to be achieving it so much better. I also feel a lot better around food as there doesnt seem to much pressure.

I hope you find your solution as it isnt good when you are not sure which way to turn and good luck. Keep coming on here and asking everyone, someone may come with the answer you want.
I've been there!

Thing is, you have to be in the right frame of mind to lose weight I think. You can want to lose it (desperately!) but still not be in The Zone, if you see what I mean? And that's why you keep seeming to sabotage yourself.

For me, the key is goals. Small, achievable and realistic ones. And ultimately, being happier with my figure and myself for getting there. The feeling that I'm doing good stuff for myself by eating well really outweighs the temporary enjoyment of a chocolate bar or a pizza!

How about little motivational things like printing out a picture of a model wearing a gorgeous outfit that you'd like to get into, and sticking it in the front of your SW book?!
You could also use the virtual model website, where you can plug in your weight and rough body shape and it will give you a computer generated idea of you. Then, you can reduce it to your target weight and see how different you'd look. I loved doing that and that piccy is on my fridge!

You just have to find something that makes it 'click' in your brain. Every single one of us here will have had a wobbly day/week/month/year at some point but if you're serious about losing weight, you WILL do it!

Good luck x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Unfortunately no diet will work unless you are prepared to work at it Huni. There is no quick fix solution.
What triggers you off to loose the motivation in the first place? You have to find out what starts that process off and then work around it.
Occupy your time with things that you wouldnt normally do, for me this is teaching jive, jogging (never thought I would ever use that in a sentence!!), and walking.
Planning meals and recipes help too, write a diary including the reasons for and against loosing weight...pin that to your fridge. Can you actually think of any reasons not to loose weight and improve your health??
Good luck Huni, but ultimately you have to be in the right frame of mind for this to work.

Take care,

I would recommend sitting down with a pad and paper and writing down a for and against list. It can be as indepth and personal as you like because only you will see it and hopefully it will help you get your head in the right place to get going with the plan.
If you are finding things so hard maybe you should try to just maintain the weight you are now and at least then you won't be adding to your weight.
Have you spoken to your consultant ? She should have some great tips to help you too.
Good luck, you can do this xx
Thanks for your kind comments and of course I know this, and I just need to get my act together.

Dearfatty - I love the idea of your for/against list. I am going to do that. Thanks

Mrs V - I hear you!, however I've been a bit unmotivated to do anything recently, must investigate and I like the diary idea. Thanks

Heli - Sticking my pic to the fridge as we speak. Thanks

Ladylite - Setting a mini target may be just what I need rather than looking at the looming 5 st ahead of me. Thanks

Oh, you know I popped out this morning and got the latest SW mag and in it, page 108, there's an article about how to break out the rules of the self sabotage trap. Off to read that now with a cuppa.

CC x

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You can get there Huni!!


Silver Member
Ooooh, forget 5stones. That's the war - but every war is just one battle at a time. Setting yourself a small goal is the way to do it.

Try just one day. You can eat all you want - tomorrow. You're not depriving yourself, you can have it in 24 hours if you still want it. It works for me!

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