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I don't want to be a massive bride!!

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Hi Everyone my name is Katie and I am getting married in July. I had tried and failed to lose weight last year and now am getting panicked that I wont lose any in time for my wedding.

I am therefore rejoining a SW class tomorrow for about the millionth time lol

Wish me luck as I know its not going to be good but if I don't go then I wont lose the weight and will be disappointed in myself and wont want to look at the photos.

I stumbled accross this site whilst trying to find out the syn values in La Tasca food and know Im going to find it invaluble in my journey :)


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hi katie welcome to minimins i'm sure you will be able to lose the weight, it will be an added incentive that ur getting married in july, if at anytime you go off plan just draw a line under it and start afresh we are all here to help you through ur weight loss journey :) if you need a kick up the bum ask lol, there are a lot of people on here that have lost a huge amount of weight (unfortunatly i'm not one of them ha ha) have a look at the diaries and start a food diary urself then some one can have a look to see if ur making any slip ups that u don't realise you r making, good luck losing the lbs xx

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Aw thanks Val ,

I have lost 7 stone in the past with SW so I know I can do it I just need to like having smaller knickers more than I like chinese take away lol

I am going to give it a blooming good go though cos I dont plan on getting married again and I want to look and feel like a beautiful princess not the big fat frog


Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Ooo Im getting nervous now I am going to be counting down the hours until I rejoin. This time I havent stuffed myself in readiness to start the class I have been following plan since Tuesday and am already feeling beter.
Last night my H2B took me to the local Crown carvery for dinner I had a bit of all of the meat and some peas ,brussles, swede and boiled pots I picked through them for the none shiney ones because the shiney ones have butter on them but the dull ones dont lol
I resisted the yorky and gave it to him instead and I had the smallest splash of gravy and a little bit of mint sauce on my peas it was delicious and so filling.
I have a free food mince stew cooking in the slow cooker for tonight when I get in from work and class and we will have that with some green beans and mash. I always prefer winter food to summer food as its filling an generally one pot stuff.
hi hun u will be ok :D while u r losing ur weight if u feel like u want to binge try imagining urself looking slim and beautiful in ur wedding dress and how good u feel then think of how awful ur gonna feel if u don't lose the weight all those months wasted :eek: and hopefully it will keep u on track to a slimmer u, i have had events in the past that i have wanted to lose weight for but didn't then i would make an excuse not to go but if i had lost the weight i would be on a high raring to go and show off my slim figure i really envy people that are big and have the confidence to go out and enjoy themselves i could kick myself for all the years i have wasted by not losing my excess weight, heres to us getting to the size we want to be :girlpower:xx
Hi MrsH2b

Hope tonight goes well -and just think -it will be the last time you weigh in at that weight :vibes:
How long before you start dress hunting? or have you started? I was really lucky I saw 1 dress in a shop the day after I got engaged and went straight in and put a deposit on it -without even trying it :giggle: I must have been 1 of the few brides to be who wasn't looking forwar to trying on umpteen dresses :rotflmao: -although I spent some time "slimming into it" shock horror :eek:
Anyhoo -best of luck and I will pop back in later *and there is a threat* ;)

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Thanks girls

Well I went and it was horrific but its only a number and Im not going to let it get me down. I know that by going I will now get my bum into gear and be a thinner bride :)

I have already bought my dress its gorgeous and I love it. It will look lovely when I have lost some weight it fits now but has a corset back so will be able to be pulled in loads and if needs be I will get it taken in or sell it and buy a new one :)

My consultant seams really lovely and caring so Im hooing she will help me on my way to be a gorgeous bride :)

In my Avitar pic I was at a work colleagues wedding and I felt lovely it was only when I saw that pic and a few others I realised just how fat I was and how I dont want that for my special day its my second time round and I have now met the love of my life I owe it to him to be as slim and gorgeous as possible xxx
oooohhhh pretty and sparkly :happy036:.....
I see what you mean about being able to adjust it as you shrink :clap:...
Im glad your first weigh in went well and as you say -"its only a number" and it WILL get smaller ;)
I have just spotted where you are from.... my home town isn't all that far away -Im a "Nottinghamshire lass" :D
Hope you have a good week!!

I am new to hear and starting back next Wednesday, was going to be this week but have the dreaded cold and cough so that is why I am up at this hour :) just saw your post and it has given me inspiration to
get going too. Your dress is gorgeous and you are going to look fantastic in it xxx

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Aw thank you girls I love my dress I now have the original pic on my signature (I Think lol)

Im feeling really optimistic about it and know that I can do it and will do it not just for my sake but for my wonderful mans sake he deserves to see me in some lovely undies instead of my bridget jones pants hehe
Love the dress! Really pretty and sparkly, and very flattering. Speaking as someone who got married having not bothered to lose any weight, take it from me that it is a fight worth fighting your absolute hardest - I loved my dress and felt great on the day but when I got my photos back, I cried and cried and cried. I never believed how huge my arms looked until I saw them in the photos. The dress had the most amazing train which is what I'd always wanted, very long and beautifully embroidered, so I'd requested lots of back shots of it - big mistake. All I could see when looking at the photos, instead of the beauty of the dress, was a huge backside, muffin top and fat back. This is what everyone else would have been able to see when I was standing at the top of the church getting married.

This year I am being a bridesmaid for my very bestest friend, we have been friends our whole lives and she's like the other half of me, we have an unbreakable bond. She was my bridesmaid too. Sadly, I can't display any of the photos of us together at the wedding, as I've know split from my husband. This makes me even more determined that in the photos of me and my best friend from her wedding, I am going to look a million dollars. I'm fighting this with all that I've got at the moment because I just want to look the very best I can, for her, but also for myself, to avenge my own horrible wedding photos. I ruined my own and I'm not ruining anyone elses! Added to this, she is a size 10 and her sister is a size 8!

I'm just telling you all this because even though I have been through lots of ups and downs with my weight battle, and even tho I do feel as if I should be perhaps a full stone down by now instead of 'just' half, and I wish I'd started this time last year, I know, because of those awful wedding photos of my own, that if you want this hard enough, you will acheive it. Just keep the focus on, do whatever you can to get this weight off and you will have your reward in around August when you get your pictures back.

Please believe in yourself!

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Oh JoRoger thats such a shame. I know what you mean I have been a bridesmaid to both of my best friends and didnt lose the weight. I felt like a big lump and dont like looking at the photos. I was married before and only got married because I was pregnant. I was 6 months pregnant and overweight I didnt bother having a big wedding as I knew in my heart of hearts I wasnt getting married for the right reasons. This time I am marrying because I am head over heels in love with my fiance. I always said if ever I did it again I would make sure I was thinner. I was in a horrible job last year which was very stressfull and although I tried to slim I was only half hearted about it because I was so stressed and found it impossible to focus.
I have less than 7 months to do it this time and know that if I put my mind to it I can and will lose the weight.
We can do it cant we this time we will look at the wedding photos and smile and love ourselves we can help each other!!
Definitely, have a look at my diary when you can and we can support each other on our quest for lovely photos!

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
Well I have just been and stocked the fridge and cupboards with loads of free food. We went to a local Asian supermarket and got loads of bargains and all the fruit and veg look amazing I need to look online at pictures of some of it before I buy it though as I dont have a clue what to buy and what to do with it lol

I bought loads of delicious fresh fruit and veg including a massive punnet of lychees for 1.99 which excited me no end cos I love them and loads of spices to make free food curries.

Im going to try making the free food SW KFC for our dinner Ive just had a massive ham and egg salad

I love SW


rainbows holiday buddy :)
MrsHainsworth2b said:
I am therefore rejoining a SW class tomorrow for about the millionth time lol

I rejoined for the millionth time at at the end of November :)

Millionth time lucky isn't new moto! ;)

Mrs E-H

Loves Slimming World
I get really cross with myself cos I know if I had stuck at it and carried on losing when I had lost the 8 or so stone then now I would be skinny instead of putting most of it back on grrr lol


Thats my mantra lol

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