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I don't want to eat......


I will get to goal .....
You don't want to eat, you don;t to eat, you don't want to eat!

It's just mental hunger not physical ..... think how crap and guilty you'll feel if you give in!! It's not worth it hun!!

Go make yourself a tea/coffee/bouillion - that'll take your mind off it!!
No you DON'T want to eat!!!

It will make you feel bloated and you will have stomach cramps for hours afterwards....do you really want to go through that???
Distract yourself with anything until it passes and you will feel so proud of yourself when you come out the other end pounds lighter.

Just think how far you have come and what you have had to go through in order to get this far - why throw it away with a coupple of mouthfuls?

Come on we CAN get through this!!!!
I am having my soup now to get me away from feeling hungry!
I have also declined a visit to the neighbouring indian restaurant for lunch too (it's smells flippin good though!):innocent0002:

It's really working in an office that is sandwiched between an indian and a belgium chocolate shop :cry:
Awww Whoops - there really is no escaping the food terror for you is there?!

I have just served a lunch this afternoon and the sandwiches looked really wonderful, but I have given myself 2 days off - 15th Dec - work do and 25th Dec and that is it. I have them to look forward to and if I cheat before them dates, then I have to cancel one each time I cheat - punishment I know, but I need to stick to SS'ing and this is the only way that I know how.
So far it has worked!!!

Come on, just think how much fat there is in either the meal or the chocolates and then imagine smeering that on your thighs - pretty graphic, but that is where it could head if you ate it!

Good luck Hun and stay strong!!!!


I will get to goal .....
chocolate and indian are the worst! indian always smells sooo good and well, don't need to say anything about chocolate do i!!

C'mon girl - stick it out, you are doing fab!!! Visualise yourself hopping on the scales at next WI and being really proud of your loss ;) x
I'm going to need 3 days off I think!
I am going for a meal at the beginnning of december although I'm not overly keen on the menu!
Our works meal on the 21st and of course Christmas day! although by then I may be too scared to eat!!!
I really want to do this which is why I am being so determined and of course posting on here when I want to eat or something does help!


Strong women stay slim
Maid Marrion
1,2,3 your under .... your no longer hungry , see how easy was that :)
Hi Whoops.

I would just look forward to those 3 meals out and try and stick to the plan as much as you can. It is easy for me to say that, but it all comes down to you.
If you have a calendar, circle those 3 meal out days in red on it and then use it as a count down - a visual incentive, think about what you would like to wear to all 3 - would you wear the same thing, or 3 different outfits? Have a search on the web and see what you would like to wear.....all this shoud take your mind off things today.

Good luck.



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