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i failed (contains food)

hi all well as some of u know i started on 08/04/09 and the first day was of doing ss but then the second day i decided to have 3shakes and a meal (chicken). but the fri sat sun i ended up having 3 shakes and lots of curry chicken plus chips and not to forget the biscuits.

then today i thought id start again and it didnt work i hade 2 shakes and a curry with chappati, im really just a big failure i done think i can ever do this, im not at my own house at parents for a week with the kids of school.

i started the food as soon as i got here,

i dont know wat to dooooo:cry::cry::cry:

im really sorry for bothering u all
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sorry about the spelling also


always struggling
Hi Loselose, I know exactly how you are feeling as I struggle a lot and do not find the diet easy at all. But you have to sit yourself down and ask yourself why do you want to loose weight? Then get your head on and let everyone know around you that you need their support. I am starting again tomorrow so lets do it together... I am dreading it but I really want to get this weight off once and for all... lets rock and roll x:copon:

the reson i want to lose is many but the main 1 is for my hubby, as i can tell hes changing towards me, i was ok doing the diet at home but then came to dads to stay for the rest of the holidays and it all went down hill from there,

at home i see my oh everyday so i dont want to cheat but then thats not a good enough excuse
Hi loselose,

I know how you feel! i love chapatis as well and because i have to constantly make them for hubby i find it hard not to eat them! initially i wanted to do it for my husband, but then i realised that you cant do something for people. You have to want to change for yourself, because this will help you maintain the weight loss as well!
I think you get fed up of doing things for others but you might never get fed up for achieving things that you want! something that you want for yourself!

sorry if it doesnt work for you i thought i would mention it because it work for me

good luck
Hey I would be happy to support you both on this as well. I really get bored with the sole source food and get tempted when everyone else is having such luscious food around me.

I know i am doing well but i jeopardise it for myself i.e. today i had 5 cheese/crackers and 1 of the parathas that my mum made for my husband!

You are right it is best to focus on why you are doing it at all times and make sure its for yourself.


always struggling
Hi all, well today has not been a good one for me :cry:but Im not going to let hiccups get me down!!

The main reason for loosing weight is for me and me alone, I think if you choose to loose weight for another person then you will fail miserably and wont that just make things worse? I have tried to loose weight so many times and it is hard but eventually I am sure we will all get where we want to be ... come on lets do this :D
yeah i think we should just help each other

im sorry to hear its not been a good day for u cheska i hope ur ok


always struggling
yeah i think we should just help each other

im sorry to hear its not been a good day for u cheska i hope ur ok
Thank you x Im having a bad time at the moment sticking to the "no food" its so hard and especially as I do have a busy social life and find it so hard to say no!!

I was hoping to get on board with it again today - but failed again had a sandwich and a packet of crisps!!!!!! :mad: So hope to start again tomorrow but I have a works do (networking function) to attend on Thurs eve which involves a 3 course meal - how do I get out of that? Then Fri I was supposed to be meeting up with some old work chums but sent a text today saying I cant make it (which I hate letting people down) due to eating too much already. Then on Saturday some friends of ours are coming round and I am making a curry - its never ending. Oh Im sorry for moaning and going on but I am really really loosing the plot!! :wave_cry:

It will happen Im sure and by coming on hear on a regular basis it helps motivate me so much and also I love helping and motivating others... so I will keep in touch x
oh dont beat urself up for having the sandwich. just start again tommorow y dont u do ss+ u know the 1 with a meal, atleast then u can enjoy the time out or with family....

im decided to start when i get bak home on saturday cas i was fine their, its just me oh and 1 little 1 so i havnt got all the family stuffing them selves infront of me.

and ive promised that i will not cheat even wen i want to
plus i dont buy any bad food wen i do my weekly shopping so if its not in the cuboards or the fridge i wont give in.

yeah that sound good a team
Can I join too? I'm fed up of having more bad days than good! I had my 400 cal meal 2nite which I can have on Exante Working Solution but then had 2 mouthfuls of easter egg, low fat yog, loads of cocopops from the box and 2 slices of toast with marg. Really dont know why I cant do it :mad: :wave_cry: :copon:
Right ok so how do we go about setting this team up?

Whos in?

1. Jaguar XK8
2. Lose Lose
3. Flumpy
4. Cheska
5. Sohnii Kuri

What kind of goals do we set up for the team?


always struggling
Hi all,yeh Im up for a group dont know how so someone else will have to set it all up and tell me what to do!! Sorry bit slack on here cant even get my blog so that everyone can see it... doh. Im starting Sunday.... really scared of failing again so I neede all the support and especially as I have told friends now about the diet so... just tell me what when and how we do this.

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