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i fancy a cheat

Step away from the carbs!!!
If you really must 'cheat' (I hate that word by the way) have some chicken (not to much though). Have a look in your yellow book at SS+ and follow the recommendation from that.
don't eat toast whatever you do as it will automatically knock you out of ketosis......if you really really have to eat something have some lean protein, i.e a small amount of chicken, quorn or something. The minute you eat carbs its hard to get back into. A small amount of protein hopefully won't do too much damage and might prevent you from 'cheating' anymore. But you should really think about whether you want it or not,try and distract yourself instead.

good luck!

ok so you want something to eat but that doesn't have to be anything other than white protein/green veg. Like you said you aren't hungry. Perhaps you are just thinking to much about food and need to find something else to occupy your thoughts. Are you at work or home?
What about quorn stir fried with two tablepoons of the veggies we are allowed. With maybe some seasonings, cajun or tabasco are good if you like it spicy. Or use some of a pack of soup if you have it to make a sauce.

Alternatively cod, haddock or white fish. Grilled is nice with again herbs or spices
I don't think a small amount would harm but to be quite frank I don't use it. I have a non stick frying pan and I just use a little water. Quorn those is very tasteless so season it well with the different seasonings we are allowed. Also you can have loads, I am sure its about 200g.

Mrs B

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I had toast once - it didn't taste nearly as nice as I imagined/remembered. I'd go for the AAM if you are hungry but try a walk, computer game, bath, anything else really if it is just your head telling you to eat.


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i know its not easy, but try not to cheat and try not to have a rest week, i was flying along at the beginning, but i had a break for my hols and ive been struggling to get back on track ever since, its really not worth it, if i could turn back the clock, i wouldnt have had a break and i prob would have been very near goal now xx
Nat I totally agree if you are in the zone stay there, its soooo tough the next time round. I am doing SS+ so I can have a little something each day but I have never managed to get back completely to SS.


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don't do it as it will undo all your hard work and set you back, think how good you feel with a weight loss and how you will feel with a WEIGHT GAIN
lol you guys ! ( have stepped away from the toaster ) ive heard this so many times that its much harder second time around gonna stick with it ! have to ! what a great place this is so much advice xxxxxxxx
I would try and distract myself. It is the "just fancying" this and that, which made me fat in the first place.

I am trying to use this diet as a way to break the cycle of eating anything I want, just because I fancy it.
Saying that in 4 months I may be chewing my own arm off, but try and stay focussed, it is what you want most or you wouldn't be here!


soon to be minnie mouse
well done nightnight i'm glad you resisted temptation, i'm also loving your mood LURKING lol