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I feel fat!

I hate it when the kids are off (not looking forward to 7wks summer holidays) but DS wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch which I thought would be fine, meal for him & DD and then I wasn't going to have anything (or if I HAD to eat, then a small fries or something).

Well, DD went shopping with her friend, took DS and spotted the sign for one of their specials which I love but is HUGE on calories and I had one + a small fries!!

I now (4hrs later) still feel sooooooo fat!!

Extra on the Wii fit tonight me thinks but it did taste good but will remember how it's left me feeling - I remember when I could eat one + medium fries + McFlurry - no chance now tho!!

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Mandy, don't worry.. its just a little blip in your plan. Look at it this way, you actually could have gone for the special + medium fries + mcflurry. And you didn't. Although you did have a McD's at least you cut back on your usual, and thats progress in itself.

As you say, just take it as an opportunity for a memory of what it feels like to veer off the plan. We all do it now and again and feel totally rubbish about ourselves!! But probably if we didn't have little treats now and again, the diet would be unbearable.

You'll be less likely to veer off the plan again for a little while now that you've got it out of your system. Tomorrows a new day, you can do this!!
Thanks pinkemma - back on track now - day went from bad to worse with a mini binge on SF bars in the evening but managed to control it which is amazing for me!!
Mandy, if its any consilation (so spelt wrong!!) I had a binge last night :( a full on one! Felt really down and angry with myself, but I've reminded myself its just one day and I'm back on the wagon today.

Well done for controlling your binge! Wish I'd done the same, I just need a good kick up the backside when I start it in order to get me to stop! :whip:
It's strange to think of a 100cal snack bar extra as a binge but this diet is really making me think about what I would normally eat and why. Must get out of the "normally" mentality. Eating healthy is now "normal"!
I've realised now that 1 day doesn't spoil it all ........ had a disasterous dinner the other night - let's just say the "healthy" home made potato wedges didn't cook for long enough and as had to get DS out to Cubs ended up running along to Chip Shop for couple of bags of chips to split between us!!

Didn't have too many but see afterwards, I felt bloated and my lips were all greasy and yuck - and I had thought I would have enjoyed them - no thanks!!

This is bizarre for me!!!!
It is very hard when the kids are at home. Also the fact it takes you out of your usual daily routine, ie you may not be home at lunchtime to make you're shake but out and about somewhere. It is hard, I always find it a struggle, like you I'm not looking forward to the summer hols lol!
I know - Im dreading them!! but have said to the kids that some days they will need to make their own lunch (sandwiches etc) and that it's good for them to do that and make them more independent as well! Worth a try I reckoned!


is going all the way...
Am I the only one that finds it easier when the kids are at home then? I work in front of a computer at home otherwise, and it means I'm sedentary and picking at food all day. If I'm with the kids I organise stuff to keep us all busy, and am more active. Maybe its because mine are so young (3 & 4).


in my dreams!!!!!!
no way, i find it so hard when they are here! at least when they are at school, pack up is done and gone and i don't have to think about food anymore until they come home. with them here, its mum, i'm hungry, all the time! i don't know how they survive at school! roll on monday, not for them to go but for the constant food supply.
Yup - constant "is it time for lunch yet" from Michael (9). Amy's not so bad but she's just turned 14 - Michael can be out playing with friends which is fine, until they all descend here - I work from home as well and it can be really distracting and then it's endless sandwiches + crisps + juice + biscuits - and because they pretty much help themselves to juice etc every time they are in the kitchen need to go see that they don't make a mess / spill it all everywhere / leave stuff lying where the dogs will get it - and then you are in the kitchen, so need to have something to eat!!

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