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I feel great!

Ok - it may not be showing on the scales but I feel brilliant this morning. The headache I've had the last 3 days has finally gone and I feel fantastic!

I've lost 3lbs since starting on Wed 14th July, that's 5 days ago. Already my face is looking thinner, my legs are regaining their shape of some 10 years ago and my children are again commenting that I look great; and I'm not prompting them either!

Yesterday I had loads of veg: spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumber, plus my multivitamin - so today I feel I can do the next two days of PP. Which means I will be doing 2/2 pp & pv.

I am also doing the exercise, which is great as I have lots of energy today! Woohoooooo!

Thanks for your support, most particularly to Vicky, ta x :553::party0011::wee: (lol, think I'm euphoric!)
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I knew you would get out of that horrid ketosis hole!!!! i remember my first atkins flu OMG i thought i was dying lol. But one morning woke up and had sooo much energy!!!!

Great knews about seeing weight loss already - have you got tape measure as a lot of people dont lose weight as in lbs but their measurements go right down!!

And as for the face thing, I remember watching i diet show and this woman in LA mentioned carb face lmao!
i know what she means though i can really tell if ive been on the carbs.

Keep up the great work :D
Anna Richardson: nothing to hide - Times Online

Sounds very Hollywood ... didn't you go over to Los Angeles for the new series?
From the second I touched down I spent half the time totally shocked and half the time totally sucked in by it. They are obsessed with how they look. They're kind of split into two groups. Half the women are size zero, have surgery up to the eyeballs and look really weird, and the other half are just naturally beautiful and exercise a hell of a lot.
How did you fit in?
When I asked people on the street whether I did, they said: “No, you need to lose 20lb.” One celebrity trainer told me I had “carb-face”!
She asked if I'd eaten bread or pasta the night before and then said: “Your face is all puffed up because you've got water retention.” She said all us Brits have it.


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Lol thanks Sarah - it was on supersize superskinny I think???? where she goes off and tries things. I fancy the colonic massage :D

So remember carbs = fat face ;)
yeah it was supersize vs superskinny :S I am addicted to C4 reality shows :S....

watching that fairy jobmother thing at the mo - tuesday nights...god she's funny :S


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lmao Sarah!!!! you just chat ill catch up later :D
sorry to hijack pj's thread...but anyone else noticed that when you're low carbing you sleep better?

I was sleeping great on attack last time, slept poorly all my life really and then last week insomnia strikes as I fall off the wagon :S


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i sleep better but i do hav vivid dreams when low carbing and in ketosis! am glad you sleeping better hon cos i know you were having probs before :D exercise helps too!
You guys make me laugh - and the parodies are funny too :)

Well, I sleep well, too. Not sure I'll sleep that well tonight as I had spicy meatballs (homemade) and they have burnt my thoat, plus I have problems with throat mucus at mo - TMI, soz, but it's drivin me nuts!!! cxxx


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Carbs are bad horrible things. THey change my weight, moods, cravings for foods, sleep patterns, make me tired and sluggish all the time, not a nice feeling at all. BUT, you only experience what it is like to live without them if and when you or someone you know does a diet like this!

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