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I feel horrible :(

I feel so gross today, i think it could be the weather and not having anything I look half decent in and having to get my arms out, to top it off I didn't have a good weekend food and drink wise and I am feeling really down on myself.

I need help getting back on track, i don't think im ever going to shift the weight at this rate

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Thank you for your reply, I need to pull myself up today and try and refocus.

I get into the headset that oh well i look disgusting these biscuits won't make any difference! I need to stop that from happening also


Ach Natalie try and cheer yourself up a wee bit :)

We all have days when we feel like crap and if we have a good amount of weight to loose we can never see the light at the end of the tunnel, we still put ourselves down picking out bits we hate about ourselves etc we can never win!!

Write out on a piece of paper the good things about loosing weight and what you hate about being fat...this usually works for me when I wanna reach for the biscuits in the cupboard and feel like the world is about to end lol

No point being down on yourself you can't undo the weekends food and drink but you can change what you do this week, try and plan what you're gonna have this week and stick to it, you're less likely to stray from it! I allow a packet of mini choc chip cookies every night with a cup of tea, only 6 syns and they feel like heaven being washed down with a mug of tea :drool: if you allow yourself treats you're less likely to binge on foods you shouldn't be eating

Try not to be so hard on yourself, we are only human at the end of the day and we do mess up every now and again!! :)
I have started all over again today because I completely lost the plot. Lets both start a fresh today :) 100 % one day at a time. Body magic one day at a time :)
Vanilla Cupcake - Thank you hun, I will do what you said and write things down and try and focus myself and not just go the other way and eat myself silly.
I hate it, whilst everyone else loves the summer I'm hating the heat at the moment as I have to get skin out! Thank you for you comments tho they were really nice :)

Missjlouise - I'm with you on that, try and pull it back before weigh in on friday :) x

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