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I feel lice such a fraud - Help Please!!


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Many of you know that I have been battling to stop losing weight while on maintenance.
I did not go to group last week as I was not feeling well but when I went last night I lost another 1.5 pounds, and I was truly shocked as I thought I had gained.
I had upped my HEXs, and had far more than 15 syns per day. I ate a lot of things that I don't normally eat, like chocs and crisps, and didn't even count some of the syns I did have, like gravy, fat on meat etc. I even ate things prepacked chicken kievs, and I know they have lots of syns but I counted them as free! And I have not even measured, or always counted my alcohol!
Anyway, I am starting to get awkward looks from people in the group and snide comments. I totally understand how frustrating it is as everyone is trying so hard to lose weight and there I come trying to stop and it isn't happening! I really don't think they believe me!
My consultant has been away for a couple of weeks and the replacement one is lovely so I thought I'd have a word with her.
She suggested I up my HEXs even more to see how I get on this week, and I will try again.
I asked her if I could drop my target again to what I am now but she would rather I talk to my regular consultant as I am heading towards the lower end of the accepted SW weight range.
Members in class suggested I do things like have a blow out all week or have fish and chips a couple of time a week.
I really don't want to get back to my old eating habits so am in a bit of a quandary.
I personally feel that the best would be to re target but I am not sure whether my consultant will agree with that.
What I really don't want to do is to start paying again, when I am not trying to lose, and I will have to do that if I don't put on 1.5 pounds this week! It's not just the money, though that does count, it's the principal.
Anyway, I will see what happens this week but part of me says I should stop going to group as I honestly do feel a fraud and am embarrassed now.
I love going to SW and am scared to give up going as I feel I may go back to square 1 but I really don't know what to do now.
I have really battled to lose weight all my adult life, and my SW journey was really hard to begin with. It's only since I nearly reached target that I can't stop! I have never been in this situation before. Yes, it's fantastic to wear size 8 clothes but it needs to stop!!
Sorry that this is a bit of ramble, but would love to have advise as to what others would do.

Thanks for your patience!
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I really don't know what to offer in the form of advice Sonia ( I struggle to maintain 10stone and I'm only an inch taller than you!!) but I can offer my virtual support.

The thing is, you can only eat so much. Perhaps you need to eat bigger meals all the time instead of just when you are hungry? I know it goes against everything you have tried to do while re-educating your eating habits but you do need to increase somewhere. I just can't see how hun.

It's a shame if you have to stop going though as I know how much you enjoy class. With regards to the snide looks and comments, those who know you will understand and two fingers to the rest!


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our consultant told our target members that sometimes it takes a long time to find out how many extra A & B choices you can have to maintain. There is a gentleman at my group who has an extra 6 B's and he has just started to maintain. How many A & B's are you having.x


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Can you not make some small dietry changes, for example, if you are having skimmed milk, have semi skimmed or whole.
If you have half fat cheese, change this to full fat.
Use butter or a olive oil spread instead of lighter choices.
Change from Options hot choc to regular hot choc!
Maybe have an innocent smoothie - they are healthy, but contain quite a few syns.
Maybe use oil in your cooking.

As I am far far far away from target i dont know what advice they provide, but hope that gets you thinking about changing a few little things rather than having to eat Krispy Kremes each day - which is A) not healthy and b) may put you into bad eating habits (which i note, you do not want to revert to).

Good luck, its an envious position to be in, but understandably a difficult one. I would imagine if you re target you will still be in a healthy BMI, so i dont see why they would not agree to this for you. Fingers crossed eh? xxx

Wee Doll

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there is a lady in my class that is having the same problem and she is dabbling with a few ideas of having a take away at the weekend and a few extra drinks than normal and she has upped her hex's to nearly 4b's and 3a's and she still lost 1lb this week

she has cut down on her excercise but thinks it wont be long untill she find the balance between maintaining and losing

i will ask her next week if she has maintained or lost how she is doing it and let you know :D


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Thanks all :)

Jaylou, you are right perhaps I need to eat more meals, though it's really hard for me to eat when I am not hungry. Perhaps I need to retrain myself again!
Yes I would hate not going to group as I love it, so we shall see how it goes this week. And yes, I should just ignore comments and looks from those I don't know and give them a mental 2s up!

tara, I was having up to 4 of each, but will up them this week!

Ellebear, I will definitely take your suggestions on board and try them. They all make really good sense!

Thanks again all :)


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One of the ladies in my class has just got to target and has put 1.5 on this week.

She says she can't stop eating KitKats, because she feels she needs to go back over her target weight to try to lose it again. She's struggling to get out of the "losing" mindset and into the "maintaining" one.
Did you get the results of the blood tests you had recently? Could it have something to do with that?

Otherwise I'd try & eat healthly but have more hexb's, syns in food, eg as you said gravy & alcohol. The only thing of eating more syns is like you say you don't want to get back into old habits.

Hope it all settles down soon;)


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alwyn, that lady is right. It is very difficult!

Allie, I am giving the more meals a bash but am really struggling as food is really sticking as I don't feel like eating, but will continue trying. I had some brekkie and a light lunch but feel too stuffed. Maybe it takes time to get used to it!
I am upping the HEXs and syns, yet I must have had over 200 last week!


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Thanks Happy Holidays. Yes the results said I was fine, which was a huge relief.
I agree with the extra syns. I am scared I will go back to the old habits so will add sensible ones.
I am to take all advice on board, and see how I do at next WI. If I put on, I'll know where to cut back to try and maintain..
I never thought it would be so hard!
I had this broblem for the first 4 months of being at target, 2 things you don't need to weigh in each week a lady at our class weights in once a month on her star week as she is towards the lower end of her target and finds it difficult to maintain. Another woman always weighs in in her jeans. not ideal but it will stop you from having to pay if under target. I could have upto 8 HEx day and still lose so upped my syns to 20.

But over the last 2 months I noticed the bad habbits were creaping back in so I have joined Ferns 100% challenge.

Thing is I'm now aware of when I have been bad and can pull myself back on plan. I think it took a long time for my boddy to settle down and I'm now only gaining as my thyroid has stopped working.
I have no idea on this as have only ever wanted to lose weight and not maintain lol

However I am aware of bad food habits, and the issues that arise from them so my advice (from my heart and not experience) would be to eat as you normally are but increase the "diet" things, so as somone else said different spread, different milk, maybe not eat superspeed fruit/veg just normal fruit veg

and I would also say have treat night, and have booze and a takeway. if you do this once a week you are less likely to blow out on a daily basis, and if you do it a night or two before your wi it may just affect the scales as well

good luck and I hope that made sense x


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You all make so much sense, and I take heed of everything said!
I think I will wear my jeans next time, or eat a big meal before I go... and Busy mam what a good idea, I can go to group and not weigh! I never thought of that, thanks!!

I have just noticed my typo in the heading...I swear I don't have lice LOL..
Can't correct it ;)


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Ellebear, I will definitely take your suggestions on board and try them. They all make really good sense!
no worries - hope it helps!! i thought of another one - white crusty thick bread!!!! instead of nimble...or even better cheese topped rolls - OMG!!! x


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No, the doc examined me, and took the blood test. Two, actually, as the second one was a glucose tolerance test. Everything was fine. If I lose more weight perhaps I should go back and actually ask for a thyroid test.
Thanks for that!
oh just another thing I no longer buy little loaves I buy normal sized its like having 1.5 HE but you don't notice and it saves on waste as all the family eat from the loaf and full sized are so much cheaper