Total Solution I feel like a failure... also in my diary but need help....


Determined to succeed!
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Yesterday was my 30th and I had the treat day I had planned since day one. It was nice and tasty but made me feel quite queasy.

I woke up this morning at 9am and managed to abstain from the cooked brekkie my OH and sister had... just had a black coffee instead.

I had every intention of having a shake but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Consequently I didn't eat or drink a thing until just now, I went into the kitchen to make a choc shake but in a fit of rebellion I grabbed a bag of hula hoops and went back to the sofa. I then thought *bleep* it, I'm going to have a pizza and start tomorrow when I can have a proper routine and do it properly.

I went back to the kitchen and put the oven on then headed to the garage to get a pizza from the freezer. The door to the garage is really stiff so I gave it a customary tug and yelped as I caught my little finger between the door and some arcatrave (sp).

I immediately burst into tears, felt like the biggest fatty alive, turned off the oven and retreated upstairs with my bruised and grazed finger.

I just feel like the biggest let down. I did so well in my first week (forgot to post yesterday but week one was 10.5lb loss), and now I am so scared that I've messed up and lost my zone.

I am now in bed, still starving, not knowing what to do. Just crying out of self anger and disappointment at my inability to follow through on a plan.

I need some motivation and some advice please.

Sorry for sobbing to you all.

Spotty xxx
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Carpe diem
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Don't beat yourself up for being human ... that really isn't a crime you know.

Remember, what we're doing goes against EVERY natural instinct in our 2 million year evolutionary journey ... we're denying ourselves food. Occasionally, we're bound to slip up as our instincts take over.

Draw a very firm line under it. It happened - it's in the past tense - move on. In the big scheme of things it isn't going to make a great difference to your overall journey.


RD x


Been liberated by Exante!
S: 17st0.0lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 6st4lb(36.97%)
I agree. This is not the end, its just a blip along the way. Exante is quite a journey and a tough road to travel, especially in the middle of winter and especially around birthdays parties etc.

My advice. Write off today, eat what you feel will do you good, perhaps some protein. Try only to eat until you feel you have had enough, then start again tomorrow. It will not do any harm, grit your teeth tomorrow, the will power is needed tomorrow just to start again, but you can do it. You have done it before, you can do it again for sure. Be kind to yourself, you aren't a bad person, just a human being.

You are very determined to lose weight, you believe you can and so you will.

How's the finger? I hope you feel better soon , it's not a disaster - just a human blip.