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I feel like giving up


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Hi all,

How is it going?

Its only week three and I already feel like giving up.

I was so psyched up and ready for it when I first started. This is harder than the first few days.

I guess its the bordedom kicking in and the link between boredom and food becoming apparent

I hope everyone is well
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Ah don't give up you have come so far. I am in my third week and I can completely understand how your feeling as probably everyone can. It is very boring and you just need to do something other than think of food. I normally would have snacked in the evening in front of the TV, so now I will do a bit of ironing or cleaning (my house has never been so clean) anything to take my mind of it. Just stick with it and come on here. I don't post much but find just reading the threads keeps me going. You have had a great loss don't throw the towel in. Good luck. xx


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Don't give up, week 3 shows determination, ur feelings will pass just think about stepping on those scales, and remember- nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! X

irish molly

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Hang in there. It is difficult early on when we realise how much time we spend eating. I kept really busy at times when I would usually be around food. Keep busy and keep sipping water. It really helps keep your mind occupied. Good luck


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It totally is just the boredom, try to concentrate on how you'll feel at goal and how much hard work you've put in so far. You could totally have most of your weight off by the end of March, all ready for spring/summer. Nothing much happens in Jan/Feb/Mar, well not for me anyway! Try to hibernate through it lol!

Also... how will you feel around March time (if you give up) knowing that you could've been at goal and you're the same weight as you are now?

You've done so well getting this far, just dig your heels in and get through it, it's a few weeks of your life and you'll be so proud/confident/happy/slim/*enter lots more happy words here* once you're done!

Chin up, you can do it :D xx


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Ahhh you guys!!!

Thank you so much for being there. I'm so glad I can count on you.

Hugs to all



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Hey come on now, you can do this you know you can......now go and get stuck into a really good book, but not a cookery one! Anything to relieve the boredom, if funds permit go and spend a couple of hours being pampered at the spa......it's not for ever


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I can only repeat what everybody else has said. what would be the point in giving in now when youve come this far! what a waste it would be!! all that hard work!.... keep pushing on, we are all in this together hun and we are all here in the same place with the same feelings and worries! you can do this and you know it...it just feels like its lasting forever. keep occupied and get an early night..tomorrow is a new day ..this is such a short amount of time in the great scheme of things to get your life back...

Do you want your life back? DO you want to be happy and confident?.. then stick with it hun :) we believe in you.. youre doing fantastically so far ..keep it up..chin up...*HUGS* xxx


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I'm on week 3 and now exactly how you feel. I'm quite bored as well but still determined not to give up! Maybe you can start doing some exercise to keep your mind off things or start a new hobby? Just keep it up a bit longer x


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Hang in there especially as you have done the hardest part already and now you should be in ketosis and things will be a breeze from here on in. The only thing is the boredom but that will pass eventually specially if you keep busy. Like people say find a new hobby, or just clean the house like a demon !! lol. Some might say from seeing my record that I'm not the best to offer advice - but I lost 5st on LT in 2008-09 but sadly due to massive stresses have put approx half back on again - but I still remember what you are going through etc. I am going to be knuckling down to a VLCD at the start of next month - as I really hate being so big again... I'm breathless, my clothes dont fit etc etc and I really hate it. The thought of being slimmer is so much more appealing to me and I have to get back down again. I was still far from goal but the feeling of having lost that 5st made me feel wonderful and I want it again. So its really worth hanging in there and you will get through it. Come on Mini's for loads of advice, a read of someones story or just to play the games etc - that could distract you for hours !! lol.
Good luck, stay strong and you will soon be at goal and that is soooo worth it.


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hang in there dont give up you can do it :)


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A BIG! BIG thank you for helping me get through my 'weak' point. I have my 3rd weigh in tomorrow so hopefully it will be good news.

Big hugs to all!!



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woohoo! You made it through! Make sure you let us know how you get on tomorrow :D xx


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yaayyyyyyyy... good luck! :D x


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good luck for your new WI.... hope its a good one for you :)