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I feel like such a loser...


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My parents and my younger brothers and sister have been on holiday for 2 weeks. I don't live with them anymore, but I'm round theirs most nights, so it's pretty crappy when they're away!

Anyway, tonight I've been on the phone to my Mum and Dad, having a chat, and they started telling me how proud they are of me for my recent graduation, and my losing weight. It made me feel so good to know how they feel (I mean, I know they're proud but you know what I mean).

Then, when I was going off the phone, my Dad told me he loved me for the first time in like... ever.
We're really close, so I know that he loves me, but he's not the kinda person to say it really. I feel like such a loser but something that small has made me feel so happy and positive about everything.

To know they're proud of everything I do, it's made me so much more determined to stick to SW and keep motivated to get where I want in life.

I guess I owe it all to them anyway.

(I'm sorry for the pointless random post, but I had to share with someone and my friends probably wouldn't get where I was coming from as much as you lovely people)

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Its not a pointless post, its lovely! Your family are obviously very close and its great your dad isnt scared to tell his big girl how he feels, as we get older parents can sometimes forget to tell us well done, your fab etc its great yours still do so. Xx keep up your hard work with SW they may not comment as weight is a sensitive issue but they will be noticing and thinking yay thats my daughter shes doing so well!.


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You shouldnt feel like a loser because you are anything but. Enjoy the love and security of your family its a blessing that not everyone has. You are a very lucky girl! xx Look at it that way instead of in the negative. :rolleyes:
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I would feel the same if my mum or dad said they love me, I know they do, but they never say, your not a looser and your post is lovely

Julia x x x


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This is why I love this place, it's the only place I don't feel like an idiot when I tell you all how I feel. You're all so understanding and lovely <3 Thanks guys xxx
You're definitely not a loser. My dad and I ended up having a heart to heart at his wedding last year, we don't have a very good relationship, and he told me he loved me for the first time. I'd never really thought he did until he told me but it was nice to hear it :)

Mrs V

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That is such a lovely thoughtful thing for your Dad to come out with and you should not think its a pointless post at all Hun.
My Dad told me he loved me when I got married almost 6 years ago and that was it! My Mum and I love each other, but we have never said it to each other and I think thats sad.
Im always telling my Daughter how much I love her and how proud I am of her.
what a wonderful thread.

enjoy the love of your family, i have no family so i cant even imagine how it must feel to have a dad say he loves me.

your anything but a loser( except with your weight he he)

nothing else to say just a wonderful lovely post


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Thank you all :)
Come to think of it, I don't think I've told my Dad more than a handful of times that I love him, even though he knows that I do; I might not look like him, but I've pretty much inherited his sense of humor and most of his defining personality traits so we're very close. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to tell him that I love him too, because life is too short and you never know what tomorrow will bring, so at least I know that he knows for sure. I tell my mum I love her all the time (like at the end of a phonecall) but it seems easier with mothers for some reason! xxxx
What a lovely girl you are Ruby. I always wanted a daughter and if I had had one I would have liked her to be just like you.

You sound such a nice , caring family.

Most men find it harder to say those three magic words than women do and I bet if you asked your mum she would tell you your dad doesn't say them that often to her. It's a man thing.

That it has taken him so long makes it all the more valuable. Cherish it.

hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Okey dokey! I want you to write down all your good points, all your blessings and I bet it's a long list! The only way you're a loser is weight wise, and that's another good point!
I've always made a point of telling my boys how proud of them I am and that I love them, because my parents didn't.


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Thank you!
I definitely think it's good to tell those you love that you do indeed love them. When my Grandpa died a couple of years ago my world was ripped apart, and I wish I'd just uttered those three words. Not that it would have made a difference, he knew I loved him, but uttering the words just kind of make it more real in my opinion.

If/when I have children I'm going to make sure they always know that I love them!

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