I feel such a fool


After a great 2 weeks with weight loss ive hit a point where my daily nibbling/cheating has bit me in the ass good and proper last night I ate a chesse sandwich and a small choc cake, i have woke up this morning starving, after getting to a point where i wasnt really hungry anymore ive ruined that for 5 mins satisfication im going to be hungry now for the next 3 or 4 days till i can get back into ketosis, god this has taught me a lesson.

Move on.........

and get back right where you were!!

I know its very annoying when you do that...have a lapse for a few mins and you undo all your hard work...but you can get back into Ketosis in a few days and will be plodding away and loosing again!

We are all human and there are times when we just have to have that cheese sarnie or what ever it is!!! But we can learn by our mistakes, after all it has taken 10/20/30 yrs to get into our bad habbits they are not going to dissapear over night we just have to learn to manage our cravings and move on( I am still learning...did CD for 3 months lost 3st3 and have just re started to loose the last 1-2st and binged badly last sunday!!!) its hard but we can all do it and we will get to where we want to be!!

have a great day and stay focused!!

Hugs Lou X
At least you managed 2 weeks!!! Thats an achievment!

Dont be too down on yourself, I am sure you will get back into it again, just keep going as though it never happened - and when the hunger pangs start, just drink drink drink.. it does work... and if you really feel like you must eat, then eat something, just try to make it low carb and dont feel guillty about it :)

Jo x
Don't be too hard on yourself, depending on how many carbs you took in, it probably won't take you three days to get back to ketosis, I had a bit of a binge at the weekend and was back into ketosis within about a day and a half - but another time it did take me about three days.

I find glugging masses and masses of water really helps that!
Thanks all, ive read back on a few old posts and can see it happens to the best of us, I am going to put it behind me and ignore my rumbling tummy and focus focus focus :)

That's the spirit Ozzy!! Draw a line under it, move on and all will be well. :)