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I feel such a kipper... just burst into tears

I have just had such an emotional moment....

My daughter is doing some ironing... and she was ironing some Jeans, she said..
Whose are these? They aren't mine...
I said, mybe X or Z so she looked at the label to see the age (my three teens are similar in age) And said, mum you silly ... they are yours...

I burst into tears!... Why? Because never ever ever would my clothes have been mistaken for my daughters! But now.. there just isn';t such a huge difference between my size 14 skinny jeans and my daughters size 12's.

It's moments like this that smack me with realisation of how close I am to be truly happy with my weight!

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Slimming down the aisle
That's great Tilly!! I look forward to the day my clothes get mixed up with my sisters!!
Aww I can feel how happy you are just reading that. You have a lot to be pleased about. Nice clothes is one of the best things!


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Tilly... It is an emotional thing. It just reaffirms how hard you have worked and how much that you have acheived! Well Done you! x


Shrinky Pinky!
Wow - chuck out that kipper, you're entitled to your moments of joy!

I've had a 'moment' myself today when I (out of habit) bought a 16 in a sale and had to take it back and swap it for a 14! That was surreal. Then I had another moment when passing
a Jane Norman branch - I have always been slightly jealous of ladies who can buy clothes from Jane Norman because I associate it with 'being normal sized' and it's been 'unattainable' - but a Jane Norman top is hanging in my wardrobe right now, and I'm ever so slightly bemused by that. It's like it happened to someone else!

so right about how these moments make you realise.


Winning a losing battle!
Bless you!! You have done amazingly well, it's difficult for the head to catch up isn't it!
Woohoo Tilly, what a great moment for you....
oh i bet that felt good hun, well done xx


Staying on plan!
well done tilly!
thats fab!


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Its reading things like that which gives us a kick up the ass and feel all motivated again!
Well done you.
My daughter is a size 10, i cant imagine being able to ask her to lend me a top!:8855:
I'm looking forward to the day when I can have my sister's cast offs - she works in fashion retail so gets discounts on all her stuff. I was going to wait until she was at my size but I think I might just pass her now on the way down!!


Needs to stop eating!!
Ah thats a nice emotional moment. Well done on getting so far. Before you know it, you'll be in your daughters size 12's!

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