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Hello everyone :)

Just joined the forum, have been browsing for awhile! I suppose I'll start with a little bit about me!

So 7 weeks ago, my friend rang me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go to Slimming World the following night (it is something we had talked about and she was already a member) - I said why not and off I went.

I have to admit I started out with a pretty negative attitude towards dieting - I've tried everything over the last 13/14 years - Weight Watchers, Unislim, Motivation, Celebrity Slim, Lipotrim ... not to mention a hundred other fad diets and have never had any real success - I've lost 3 stone on Lipotrim and gained 5... then I lost 3 on Celebrity Slim and gained probably 6....

I wasn't a big child, maybe a little chubby but I grew into it - I might have been a stone or 2 overweight up to the age of 18 but I was still able to walk into our local Penney's or the same shops as my friends and comfortably buy clothes... it didn't affect my life or fitness (I walked 4 miles a day) then I went on the pill and gained 4 stone in 18 months (across 4 different types) :( Add almost 12 years of general unhealthy dieting habits, mixed with comfort eating through some tough moments and generally life and somehow I just let myself go and found myself recently on our scales realising they no longer weighed me... the limit was 23st 7lbs but they had weighed me up to 24.5 :( I guesstimated that I had surpassed 25 stone and at 29 years of age and a size 32 tight on me, to say I was miserable was an understatement.

My husband and I had fallen into a horrible habit of take aways, he works split shifts and I work long days with over an hour commuting either side - on top of that I have my own business that I run in the evenings and weekends - very long story short - I was eating takeaways probably 4 nights a week, and not moving my behind off the chair for hours at a time (I sound like a lazy sod but honestly I'm not, my work just keeps me tied to a desk (both jobs!)

Anyway (there is an end in sight I swear!), off to Slimming World I went - and as I sat listening to the new members talk, I was skeptical to say the least but I reminded myself to keep an open mind! So by the end of that first class, I was semi converted... then I weighed in at 24st 13lbs... This might sound crazy but I cried with happiness that I hadn't surpassed the 25stone mark. Off I went with a new lease of life and a determination to do this for me (as it always seemed like I was dieting for a purpose - a wedding, a holiday etc).

A week later (after also being away for a weekend) I weighed in less 4.5 lbs - the following week I was down another 7.5lbs - roll on 7 weeks and I am down 2st 1.5 lbs and aiming for 3st for Xmas - dresses I bought in July are too big for me - instead of a size 28 trousers for work, I am back into my size 24 ones from 3 years ago and even they are loose!

I have never been so determined on a plan - I can see just how Slimming World is a life change that will stick with me - I have never eaten so much and still lost weight and I am thoroughly enjoying cooking again - yes I still work long hours and have to commute but I am making it my business now to set aside an hour twice a week (at the very least) and whip up a couple of dinners (all from scratch!) that I can freeze so that we can leave them out in the morning and they are defrosted by the time we get in and then just cook rice, noodles or chips!

My husband turned 30 at the weekend and to say we were bold is an understatement but I got up this morning and was able to say I had a fantastic weekend but now back to my new lifestyle whereas 2 months ago I would have said I'll get sausage rolls or a sausage sandwich for breakfast and sure I'm not home til half 9 so we'll get a takeaway! I should say that my hubby has lost 23lbs through his wonderful support for me :)

Anyway, sorry my "little bit about me" turned into such a novel of a post, but I think I have just spoken more about my weight than I have ever done! So it's nice to meet you all :)
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Welcome to the forums and congratulations on your amazing weight loss so far! Sometimes the hardest step is to get started. And it makes all the difference if your partner is on board. I bet you feel amazing :)

I wish you the greatest of success and would love to keep up to date with your progress if you plan on making a diary on here.

Jen xx